Mirai Trunks' Profile!

Mirai Trunks' Profile

Character Name: (Mirai) Trunks Briefs

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Saiyajin

Char Description: Tall, muscular, and nice. Carries a sword (not sure who's it is, since they screwed up Trunks' history!!) thats around 4' long. Wears an arrangement of clothes, some better than others. Has purple-ish hair, about halfway down my head. Very strong and powerful.

Brief History: Trunks is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. Half Saiyan and half human, just like Gohan and Goten. Trunks was surrounded by a scientific enviroment. Having his mother and grandfather as scientists, Trunks became very intelligent at science.
      In the future, Trunks and Goten were battling the androids, but they were too strong, Bulma had completed a time machine and sent Trunks back to help Gokou and Gohan fight. But later, I came back from the future after destroying the androids, liking it with everyone else in the past (I kept it different, since the original Mirai Trunks doesn't fit into our time line).

Anything Else?: I think my little self is a brat and very annoying!

Relatives: Vejita (Father), Bulma (Mother), Chibi-Trunks(Me!), Bra (sister), Vejitina (Aunt), Deki (Uncle I guess since he's related to Vejitina), Goten (Best Buddy).

Attacks List/Weapons:


????? Sword: It's a sword that I can use...that's about it since they screwed up who I got it from!

Finishing Buster: My main finishing move. Its a really cool light show, as Vejitina would put it, then a huge, powerful explosion.

Burning Attack: My other finisher. Kinda the same as my Finishing Buster, but a bit more fancier.

Flight: ...Duhhhh

Fusion: I can fuse after learning it from my Mini-self and Chibi-Goten. (So he is useful after all, whaddya know?)

Important Relationships:
Mother: Buruma Briefs
Father: Vegeta
Sister: Bra