Gaki's Profile

Gaki's Profile

"Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself."

Character Name: Gaki Utoutoshii

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: Yuureijinkosei

Race: Konpakujin

Character Description:
*Hair* Platinum white, cut short
*Eyes* Smoke gray, devoid of pupils

*Birthday* May 12th
*Astrological Sign* Taurus
*Blood Type* A
*Favorite Food* None, as he feeds on the life essence of mortals in order to sustain himself
*Age* 4,500
*Height* 3'8
*Weight* 64 lbs

      He is small, and resembles a young child of only about 10. His skin is a dark purple, but at times can seem almost black when he is cast in shadow. He wears shades of black and gray, and clothes types are prone to change.

Brief History:
          Gaki is part of a race of symbiotic spirits, a mysterious people who need to feed off of others to survive and thrive. On their home planet of Yuureijinkosei, hosts were not required to live since the planet itself kept them in a perfect balance between life and death; a state of undead. A Konpakujin must feed off of the ki generated by all living beings for they themselves are not alive and thus produce no ki, like Jinzouningen. This is usually through a ghost-like possession of a living creature, allowing the Konpakujin to feed at their leisure
          The bond between the Konpakujin and the host generated by the possession enables the Konpakujin to draw off the host's life force directly. Most Konpakujin prefer to stay with a host throughout the host's life since the longer the term, the more power to be gained from siphoning off small quantities rather than one large boost. However, they are not bound to stay directly within the host body so long as nothing happens to the host, allowing the Konpakujin to roam somewhat freely. In this manner, the Konpakujin go unharmed by most means, but if the host is harmed then both of them feel it. If the host dies before the Konpakujin can detach, then the Konpakujin dies as well.
          Gaki's first memories were of "awakening" in the cold darkness of Yuureijinkosei; a soul among the thousands entwined together in the mists that perpetually surround the planet. As it would turn out, Gaki was one of the few Konpakujin to acquire a sentience before ever bonding to his first host, and was thus granted the "special" privilege of being summoned to Earth by a high-ranking priestess of the Goddess along with a small collective of the other Konpakujin there. After learning of the status of things regarding the cult, Gaki was "assigned" to help the newly turned "acolyte" Tounasu destroy the Z Senshi and acquire a proper vessel to contain the essence of the High Priestess, who had been defeated a time ago via the use of the holy water while she infested the body of Princess Vejitina.
          When Tounasu was defeated and "killed" by Jekyl in a last-ditch attack that cost him his own life, Gaki first retreated with the fallen Dark Knight back to the citadel... and has since then not been seen. It stands to reason, however, that it is only a matter of time before he truly makes his presence known again; as always, in the service of his Goddess.

          While he is not as fanatically devout to the Goddess as some of her other minions are, he still serves her faithfully; usually as a "controller" for the other Konpakujin. He has shown to be shrewd and mocking in his attitude towards mortals, and is not above subtle manipulations to steer things in the "proper direction"... though he sometimes displays outright curiosity for the 'strange, irrational' things that mortals do.

          It's safe to assume that all Konpakujin are pretty much related, though in the "time before the plague", Koutaigou was his birth mother.

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Iryuku no Reitoniku "Will power of flesh and spirit": Gaki obtained the coveted ability to will himself into flesh after being allowed to "strengthen" himself on Earth. However, he cannot do this until he steps foot upon the mortal plane and in order to keep it, he must feed on ki on a regular basis.
Tamashii Saiken "Soul Bond": Basically where Gaki inhabits another living being and bonds with them in mind, body and soul. He usually remains inside the body and can exert his will over them, either by simple manipulation or actual possession.
Yashouku "Shades of Night": Out of a body, Gaki is still a force to be reckoned with. He powers up, and forms small-medium purple and black orbs all around him, then launches them at his opponent from every angle.
Meikyou "Shades of the Dead": As he is usually seen in the presence of a number of other Konpakujin in the form of mist, Gaki can control them and guide them as a legion against an opponent. However, if he himself is injured or loses concentration, he loses control over them as well... which usually results in either a massive "feeding frenzy" or a total dispersion. Either one not being conductive to his mission.

Magic Attacks:

An'ya Jibun "Dark Night Hour": An attack where Gaki can maniuplate the dark powers around him to create an unnatural eclipse to take place. If he revives the dead during the eclipse's time, they return at their full potential and form during the duration of the eclipse, which lasts as long as Gaki wills.
Ki Hitei "Ki Negation": A potent curse where Gaki can negate the outward ki flow of a person and prevent them from using it, or ascending to higher forms.
Genwaku Kudarizaka "Blinding Descent": Where Gaki can cause a "veil of darkness" to blind a person, prohibiting them from seeing anything, or anyone, but what he wishes them to see.
Zanzou Majyutsu: A series of after-images left behind a person, much like the Zanzoken, but created by magic
"Paparapa": Basically a magic trigger word like "Abra Cadabra", it's used for various things such as teleportation and making things appear
Kakuheki Majutsu "Magic Barrier Wall": A defensive manuever where Gaki can form a "bubble" shield around himself or a small group of people. Effective against most one-time ki attacks, but can only take so much punishment before shattering.
Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materialism": Where Gaki can make things like clothes, weapons, ect. magically materialize out of seemingly nowhere.
Unsanmushou "Vanishing like mist": A technique that's inherent in every Konpakujin to turn into mist, usually to teleport from one place to another or get into a place they'd otherwise be barred from. They cannot be conventionally hurt in this form, though they can "ghost through" a mortal; the experience being said to feel like being sliced with a cold knife.

Important Relationships:
          Has a rather disrespectful attitude towards Tounasu, though he thus far has worked primarily with him in the service of the Goddess.