Dr. Gero's Profile

Doctor Gero's Profile


Name: Doctor Richard Gero

Alignment: Evil

Race: Formerly Human, now a Jinzouningen

Character Description:

Birthday: July 26th
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Leo
Favorite Food: None, has lost the need to eat since becoming a Jinzouningen

Hair: White 
Eyes:  Light blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 230 lbs
Puffy red shirt, black vest, puffy pants, a Russian-looking hat with the Red Ribbon logo on it

Brief History:  

            He is the insane doctor behind the Nijuu Jinzouningen (Twenty Androids) that would give the Z Senshi so much trouble and grief. During the DragonBall Series, he worked for the Red Ribbon Army until Chibi Goku came along and destroyed it along with most of his androids. He vowed revenge on him then went into hiding and was presumed dead for quite a while.

            They were wrong. All that time, he seethed over the defeat and plotted his revenge accordingly. Capturing two youths, he transformed them into his first "cold fusion" Jinzouningen, who would have nearly limitless power at their disposal but retain a perfect human form. Dubbing them Juunana and Juuhachi-gou, he was prepared for them to be his two greatest assassins... save for one issue: even with their memories of their prior lives erased, they still proved difficult to control and downright hostile towards him. Forced to deactivate them, Gero decided to undergo the procedure himself after building Unit #19 based on his earlier absorption-type Jinzouningen. 

            On a better footing now, he reactivated the two "rogue" Jinzouningen and tried to send them out on their mission: to kill Son Goku. Instead, they refused and attacked both him and Unit #19. He managed to remote-shut down Juunanagou, but Juuhachi managed to escape the lab before he could similarly deactivate her. Thoroughly irritated, he stocked Juunana-gou away and went back to work on designing yet another Jinzouningen based on his still-theoretical designs for an organic Jinzouningen; based on the very DNA of his enemies. To wit, he created the being he called "Cell", but has yet to activate him proper. His reasoning behind deciding to wait being that there may be more useful DNA in the future that he can use to complete him, as well as the inevitable re-emergence of Juuhachi-gou... who is essential to Cell's future perfection along with her brother, Juunana.

            Realizing that having just a half-complete organic Jinzouningen and an energy-absorption type wouldn't be enough to enforce his will, Gero made one last attempt at the infinite energy model... only this time, he didn't bother with a human base; instead, he opted for a design based on the skeletal structure of a snake. Starting from scratch, he meticulously cultivated and pieced together what he dubbed "K-1800"; a Jinzouningen with a metal skeleton comprised of a basic human structure, but with several smaller bones and orifices to allow for hither-to-unheard of freedom of movement. Wrapping a fleshy outer polymer over the internal workings that could regenerate, he set his creation loose to investigate the strange appearance of three unidentified space pods. 

            Which turned out to be three new Saiyajin, the likes of which Gero hadn't anticipated. Seeing an opportunity, he beset K-1800 on them to bring them back to his lab for study. After she was defeated the first time, Gero used the data garnered to give K-1800 a better edge against them and she finally returned with Jekyl in tow. Subjecting him to a short battery of tests, he was amazed to discover that Jekyl was the first non-human to have been genetically modified at some point during his life. When he tried to question him about the artificial genetic markers in his blood, Jekyl managed to break loose and began tearing up the lab. To make things worse, Vejitina and Musei had arrived (thanks to Kadliuan's teleport abilities) to give Jekyl assistance... much to all of their own chagrin.

             With little recourse after having his head knocked off from his body, Gero set the base to detonate but was unsuccessful in killing the three intruders. Thus far, he has activated a backup body at one of his other bases to continue his plans for world domination... and revenge.

Anything else?: None

Relatives: Considering his age, it's highly doubtful he has any immediate relatives.


Kyuushu Ki: He can absorb energy and attacks from people through the red balls in the palms of his hands.
Eye Beam: Two very powerful beams shot from the eyes
Kikou Ha: Standard energy blast...
Yubisaki no Kikou Ha: A single blast shot from the fingers

Generic ki attacks. He also has multiple bases situated throughout the known world, and no longer fears mortal death as he can simply activate a backup body to continue on. 

Important Relationships: He has only his few loyal androids as companions.