Captain Ginyu's Profile

Captain Ginyu's Profile

Name: Captain Ginyu
Age: 32
Race: Nijuushinjin

Character Description

Power Level: Varies, pretty weak right now
Attire: Whatever his current body is wearing.

Brief History:
        The leader of Frieza's Ginyu Tokusentai, Ginyu obtained power in an original new way - by jumping from one powerful body to another. No one is certain of just what his original body is / was, the details are lost to time and not terribly important anyway. Ginyu spent years as one of Frieza's chief servants, until the debacle on Namek. Smart enough to save his own skin, Ginyu ended up switching bodies with a Namekian toad and accompanying all the survivors of Namek to Earth. Since that time he's followed his usual practice of jumping from body to body, this time in pursuit of power of a different kind. He's currently inhabitating the body of a politician known only as 'Dubya,' no one knows when the switch was made but Ginyu acts the idiot so well no one has ever questioned the switch. All this is part of Ginyu's master plan... once he figures out what that is.

Relatives: None known

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Body Change: Ginyu's only attack, he uses this technique to switch bodies with another person. Both Ginyu and his victim retain the memory and voice of their previous body, but gain all the power and strength of their new body. When Ginyu used this attack he was able to continue switching bodies, even after leaving his original body. When preforming this attack arms and legs are stuck out and the words CHANGE NOW! are shouted.

Personality: A natural poseur, Ginyu's actually a bit of an idiot, tending to spout off ridiculous phrases at inopportune moments and fumble over the English language. All of these traits have been perfect for the body he is currently inhabiting.