Gohan's Profile

Gohan's Profile

Character Name: Son Gohan

Alignment: Good

Home Planet: Earth

Race: 1/2 Saiya-Jin, 1/2 Human

Character Description: In his twenties with black hair and black eyes. He is tall and muscular like his father, but doesn't like fighting as much. He is prone to bouts of anger than boost his power level and make him a very murderous fighter.

Brief History: Son of Goku, he is initially trained by Piccolo after the battle with Radditz. He looks up to Piccolo for being such a great fighter, and trys to immitate him by wearing similar clothes. He has the potential to become the most powerful being in the universe, yet since he cannot always fully utilize his strength, he can be defeated. Gohan is the first Saiya-jin to go SSJ2, but after the Cell saga he spends little time training and focuses on his studies.

Relatives: Son Goku, Father; Son Goten, Brother; Chi Chi, Mother; Ox King, Grandfather; Son Gohan, Grandfather

Attack List/Descriptions:

Kamehameha - Powerful Beam charged in cupped hands.

Taiyouken - Solar Flare

Bukujutsu - Flying using one's ki.

Kikou Ha - Generic Ki Blasts

Ki Ai Hou - The ability to push the opponent back with one's ki directed through the hand or radiating from the body.

Kienzan - Destructo Disc

Masenkou - Powerful blast charged with both hands above the head and brought forwards to fire.

Energy Dan - The attack used by Gohan where he formed a ball of energy around him and sent Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone.

Super Saiya-jin Level 1

Super Saiya-jin 2 AKA "The Super Saiya-jin beyond Super Saiya-jin