Gokou's Profile

Gokou's Profile

Character Name: Gokou

Home Planet: Vegeta

Race: Saiya-jin

Character Description: Black hair, browns eyes, light tan, 6'4, wears a full orange martial arts gi, with a blue shirt inside of the upper part of his gi. Also on the upper part of his gi is the sign of his second martial arts master Master Roshi. On the back is the sign of his third master King kai. To top it off everythings weighted on him except the blue shirt.

Brief History: Born as a lower class saiya-jin and sent out in a space craft to earth to conquer the planet. When he arrived a very old man named Gohan took him into his home and Gave him the name Gokou. Gokou was a wild kid and was very hard to control. One day in his rage Gokou fell and bumped his head on a rock. As a result, Gokou became good, and changed his ways. As time flew by he fought many great warriors, and won his first butikaidan to be known all over the world.

Anything else: ...

Relatives: Bardock (father), Gohan and Goten (sons), Raditzsu (brother).

Attacks: Kamehameha, Jubeii Kamehameha, Chou Kamehameha, taiyoken, Kaioken, Genki Dama, Death Ball.

Important Relationships: Chi-Chi (wife)