Chibi-Goten's Profile

Chibi-Goten's Profile

Character Name: Chibi-Goten

Alignment: Good

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: 1/2 Sayajin,1/2 Human

Char Description: Is 8 Years old, and a spittin' image of Son Goku, with a spittin' image of his brains. I always hang around with Chibi-Trunks, and usually get in trouble with him too. Is very spunky and hyper.

Brief History: Was born a year after Trunks. Didn't get to see dad very much though. Is strong and can go SSJ, and is working on some others. Mostly hangs with Trunks.
      Before Mirai Astrea left, she gave me the grave news that I would die in just one short year. She told me it was a mutation of Goku's heart disease, but it attacks quicker, and there was no cure. But, I am determined to find a way back to everyone, and Astrea.

Anything Else?: Veeeerrrryyy Hyper and is veeerrryyy stupid ^_^()

Relatives: Chi-Chi (Mom),, Son Goku (Dad), Gohan (Brother)

Attacks List/Descriptions:

KameKameHa: A kamehameha,just messed up name.^_^

Flight: Can fly on Ki.

Fuzion: Can fuse with Trunks to form Gotenks.

All normal Ki Attacks.

Important Relationships:
Trunks: Is a great friend.
Astrea: Girlfriend
Chris: Great friend