Gouka's Profile

Gouka's Profile

Character Name: Gouka Tennotsukai

Race: Matsukaijin

Alignment: prefers to remain neutral

Homeplanet: Enjeru-sei

Description: 6' tall, pale skin with a blue/green tinge. Red eyes with white pupils and black irises. Wears black armor made of an alien material that covers a majority of body, feathered wings on back; wingspan of 20 ft fully stretched. Age unknown as nothing is known about lifespan of Matsukaijin

Brief History: Born on Enjeru-sei, all Matsukaijin posses psychic powers that vary in uses. At the age of 4, was sold into slavery to the heartless Hitokai. Hitokai implemented a torturous method of controlling the slaves; by removing their spines and replacing them with control devices in the shape of the spine. Gouka has the ability to channel and absorb the trauma caused by physical and mental pain, and the armor he wears was designed to amplify that power to make the spine removal of all slaves faster.

Relatives: unknown but can be presumed dead


Weapons: a black long sword that extends on a tendril like stalk

Attacks: unable to manipulate ki, uses limited magic abilities, and ability to channel suffering
Dolor Aeternus Eternus: user channels all of the opponents mental and physical pain into a ball form and throws it. When jarred, all of the suffering is released on the person at once.

Brevis Laxamentum: avoided due to risks involved in the process, the user takes all of the pain gathered inside themselves, and transports it into another person for a period of 5 minutes. Exclusive to Matsukaijin.

Dolor Vinculum: not a technique, natural ability to Matsukaijin to absorb pain of those around them.

Dolor Transfero Transtuli Translatum: can draw the pain from one person and transfer it to another for as long as he sees fit.
      Can use standard elemental magic to some degree, but not at a high level, as his opponents suffering is his own.

Anything else important?: keeps a pacifistic mind, and abhors violence. Can fight if provoked enough, but would choose not to if he could