Hanayasai's Profile

Hanayasai's Profile

Character Name: Hanayasai

Nicknames: "The Unyielding Fang"

Age: 51, although only appears to be about 27 since Cave Saiyajin age differently than both humans and normal Saiyajin

Race: Saiyajin

Home Planet: Vejitasei

Power Levels:

Normal: 60,000
Tail-less: 25,000
Hidden: 1,000
Oozaru: 600,000

Berserker Saiyajin, Level 1: 900,000
Berserker Saiyajin, Level 2: 1,500,000
Berserker Saiyajin, Level 3: 2,400,000

Physical Description

Birthday: Corresponds to January 7th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Meat

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Amber
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 6'6
Attire: Very rarely is seen in Saiyajin armor, for he finds it too confining. Instead, he is usually bedecked in a variety of furs and skulls from the "trophy kills" he's had in the past.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


        Hanayasai was born on Vejitasei, to a chaste of Saiyajin that had really no place within the usually stringent hierarchy of the Empire. When the Saiyajin finally conquered the Tsufurujin and began establishing what would become their civilization, not all of them were for the thought of becoming organized in such a fashion. They argued that the "old ways", the emphasis on instinct and brute force, were what got them this far and that relying more on the pilfered technology would lead to their downfall. When the first King Vejita established himself as the ruler of their people, a small group of Saiyajin broke from the rest of their people in general; forfeiting their right to any of the privileges associated with being in a select chaste. 

        Instead, they took to the outlying "wild lands" and continued their way of life as it had been for the last centuries; almost completely ignored by the rest of the Empire. While many of the other Saiyajin worshipped the legend of the "Super Saiyajin", the "Cave Saiyajin" (as they were labeled by their brethren) were taken with an entirely different legend... that of the Berserker. Rumored to draw power from the rarely-seen "Blood Moon" on their planet, the Berserker was the truest form of Saiyajin that the Cave Saiyajin held in high regard and many strived to achieve it. Some were rumored to have succeeded, but were overtaken by their barest instincts and left as little better than animals; unable to return to their former selves, and seen as "cursed" among the Empire and fair game for "sporting hunts" for some of the upper echelon.

        Such is what happened to Hanayasai's parents, who disappeared shortly after his birth and were never heard from again. As he grew, he developed a reputation among his kind as being far more cunning, and decidedly more vicious, than any other they had seen before. Around the age of 13, he achieved the first level of Berserker Saiyajin and mercilessly slaughtered a good number of his own tribesmen; inciting fear among them that garnered him a fair amount of respect. Unlike previous users, however, Hanayasai showed the ability to transform back at will... leaving many to wonder if he was, potentially, the herald that would bring the Saiyajin back to their roots as a whole. Hanayasai himself realized that staying among them wouldn't get him very far, as a few of the "civilized" Saiyajin that they had encountered proved to have far more interesting concepts and technology.

        It was then that Hanayasai left his people, and ventured to the city of "Rhubaris"; a port city that was primarily used as a nexus for incoming and outgoing commerce between Vejitasei and the rest of the Planetary Trade. It would be here that Hanayasai was first introduced to the society his ancestors turned their backs on... and realized the potential adapting to it could have. He managed to get on as part of a Planetary Extermination team, and finally got himself off of the planet and into the vastness of space. Over the years that he and his team worked to get planets ready for sale, he learned the ins-and-outs of their technology, as well as the state of things both within the Empire and outside. Once rumors began going around that the Saiyajin were planning a possible uprising against Freiza (rumors spread by Bardock's attempts back on Vejitasei to rally them), Hanayasai realized that it wouldn't be too long before the very team he'd worked with for so long would likely turn against him. Without hesitation, he murdered the entire team at the end of their final mission.

        After that, Hanayasai took to exploring the universe on his own; always staying just a few steps ahead of the "rogue extermination squads" that Freiza had unleashed following the destruction of Vejitasei. Along the way, he ran afoul repeatedly of Frieza's "Master Saiyajin Hunter" Havok; each time narrowly managing to escape with his life. After one particularly bad encounter, Hanayasai ended up taking refuge in the wilderness of a semi-civilized planet. Even with his slightly advanced healing abilities afforded him by his power, it still took him nearly an entire year to heal... though during that time, news came to him of another Saiyajin on the planet. When he became strong enough to investigate the rumor he discovered that the other Saiyajin was, ironically enough, the crown Princess, Vejitina. Amused by her attitude, Hanayasai decided to test her and see if she held the same potential to become a Berserker without falling victim to instinct. Intrigued by the possibility of such power, Vejitina agreed to train with him... but at the first Blood Moon he summoned as a final test, he watched as she too fell to the rush of instinct and wiped out the entire civilization almost overnight. While impressed by her power, he was nonetheless disappointed that she did not possess his ability to control it.

        Try as he might, he couldn't convince her that the "trick" to controlling it was to let go of oneself entirely to it; risking becoming totally consumed by it in order to master it. Over the course of the training, he finally revealed to the young Princess his intentions: with his Berserker abilities at their utmost, he would return to Vejitasei (not realizing that it had already been destroyed) and slay the King to assert his power over the entire race. For her efforts, he would allow the Princess to become his Queen and rule jointly beside him... in a diminished capacity to himself, of course. Not about to abide by the "wannabe-usurper's" plans, Vejitina waited until nightfall and left the planet; destroying it in her wake to catch Hanayasai unawares and kill him.

        But little did she realize that Hanayasai had not lived as long he had without thinking ahead, and he did not particularly take to someone whom he trained so diligently to try killing him without a face-to-face battle. He had lost track of the Princess, however, and wouldn't discover her whereabouts until years later in another fight with a now partial-cyborg Havok. After Havok made comments regarding a Saiyajin with powers resembling Berserker, Hanayasai bested the hunter and forced him to give him the exact location... then promptly left his rival broken and bloodied to head for Earth; finding Havok's current state too amusing to him to simply kill and be done with it.

        When Hanayasai arrived on Earth, he was confronted by both his former student and a green-haired Saiyajin whose scent immediately tipped him off as being more science than Saiyajin (at least, according to him). A fierce battle ensued in which Hanayasai was dominating both of them using only his first Berserker form. Even Vejitina's transformed state couldn't compare... until Jekyl utilized the mental link between them to siphon off the overwhelming brutal instinct associated with the form and allowed her to finally think clearly. She quickly turned the tables on Hanayasai before he could ascend to his secondary form and forcefully removed his tail... robbing him of his power almost entirely. Enraged, Hanayasai managed to fell her with a final attack on his part when she turned away from him to attend to a wounded Jekyl. Intending to finish them both with what power he had, he was driven away instead when Chiller arrived to aid his newfound friends. Having no idea as to Chiller's true power or abilities, Hanayasai knew he couldn't possibly contend with a Changeling without his Berserker power and was forced to retreat.

        And so Hanayasai would spend months hiding out in a series of caves set just within the outskirts of a city, trying in vain to regain his tail and thirsting for revenge the entire time. His time there would be interrupted, however, when Havok came calling for him again in a last-ditch effort to "claim his prize" before following King Kold's orders to massacre the planet with a Planet Killer Class ship in orbit. Knowing he couldn't contend with Havok in his state, Hanayasai tried to lose the cyborg lizard but was eventually forced to fight him. It wasn't long before Vejitina and Jekyl joined in on the fight and Hanayasai was again defeated by them and driven away in the wake of them trying to protect the planet against the beam shot from the ship above.

        He would get a 'break' of sorts from an unlikely source -- Antan Kaiohshin. Wanting to destroy the Z Senshi, but unwilling to show his hand just yet, Antan came to Hanayasai and offered him his birthright back on the condition that he slaughter the Z Senshi. At first not knowing what to make of the diminutive Kaiohshin, Hanayasai was quickly put in his place by his magic and forced into submission rather painfully. Given his tail back, Hanayasai immediately went to where he knew his former student would be -- Capsule Corporation -- and attacked both Vejitina and Jekyl again in the middle of the complex. Mercilessly beating them around, Hanayasai would finally show his second form of Berserker; intending on outright slaughtering them. What he hadn't counted on, though, was Jekyl ascending to "stage two" and easily being able to keep up with him... if not surpass his abilities altogether. Left with little option, Hanayasai was forced to flee again rather than take the chance of losing his tail again so soon after getting it back.

        Hanayasai would not be seen again until the wedding day of Jekyl and Vejitina, when he effectively crashed the ceremony for his own reasons. He ruthlessly took down Brolli, who had been standing guard outside then proceeded to attack the rest of the Z Senshi. In the end, he was nearly killed by a near-fully transformed Berserker Vejitina, who fell prey to the form's base instinct and was unable to transform back. With little alternative, Hanayasai was brought back from the precipice of death by the other Z Senshi via senzu because he was the only one who knew anything extensive about the Berserker form. Held by Kaiohshin magic, Hanayasai toyed some with the Z Senshi before telling them what was, to him, the obvious -- that Berserker was a form that ran in the deepest core of every Saiyajin and once unlocked, it could never be denied; to do so would only make the effects of it that much worse and lingering. If will could override instinct, then the form could be controlled adequately enough to allow for the Princess to return to her normal state... if not, then she would join the rest of those who gambled with that ancient power and lost. Either one suited his means, as far as Hanayasai was concerned. Knowing they weren't going to get further help from him, Kadila took the initiative and teleported Hanaysai off of Earth altogether to the distant planet of Thei-desei.

        Effectively left to rot, Hanayasai was actually quite at home with the nearly uninhabitable, and most certainly inhospitable, environment that was now home to an array of strange creatures; some of which had obviously been affected by the fallout of the calamity that befell the planet some 10 years previous. Quickly, though, he found that there was no way off of the former mining planet and was forced to survive through any means necessary for the months that he was stuck there. In an ironic twist, however, a fleeing Jadoku Kiba would come to the planet in an attempt to escape retribution from the Empire in the wake of Kold's death and Havok's eventual incarceration for it... forcing the Z Senshi to chase him there in order to turn him in. Recognizing Jadoku, Hanayasai took no small amount of satisfaction in beating the ever-living hell out of the same snake-man who had gleefully stood beside Havok during the times he was confronted by him. The arrival of his other enemies, however, was a surprise to him as well... though he quickly took advantage of the situation and managed to "return" the favor his former student had done to him by mutilating her royal crest tattoo in retribution for her removal of his tail some months previous.

        It would be here that Hanayasai would finally be forced to transform into the final level of Berserker with his Tsukichi Shinkou ability in an attempt to finally destroy them in one swoop and be done with it. Lost to his own brutal instinct, Hanayasai was distracted by having to deal with an Oozaru Musei while Vejitina and Jekyl waited for an opening. Finally, Jekyl was able to use Musei's sword and remove Hanayasai's tail, forcing him to violently de-transform. The last he was seen was when he disappeared underneath the ever-roiling sands of the planet after an attack by Musei... much to the chagrin of the Z Senshi in general to finish him. In the wake of their abrupt leave of the planet, however, Jadoku's space capsule was left behind...


Shounyuuseki Rinji! ("Stalactite Special!"): A beam attack fired with one or two hands, the end of it continues out into a sharp, jagged point. More of a "piercing" attack than an explosive one.

Tsukichi Shinkou! ("Blood moon rising"): Since the Berserker form draws more power from a red moon than a normal one, he can create a "False moon ball" to simulate it's effects, much like a normal Saiyajin can simulate a full moon with a similar technique.

Haku dzuke Kuroi ("Fade to Black"): Despite his height and weight, Hanayasai can move surprisingly quickly and generally prefers to strike unexpectedly from dark places and blind corners. Since the Cave Saiyajin had to live in a harsher environment than their other brethren, this is more so a honed skill.

Shyougeki Ha: By raising two fingers, Hanayasai can cause far off explosions, usually they're centered underneath the opponent.

Buku jyutsu: Flying

Berserker Saiyajin, Level 1: An exceptionally dangerous and unpredictable form. The higher the level, the more unstable and savage the person becomes, reverting to nearly the same base instincts as those of an untrained Saiyajin in Oozaru form. In Berserker Form, they are nearly unstoppable in rage as well as particularly savage in their methods; rumors having them with a penchant for tearing their prey to pieces. The longer the user remains in Berserker, the harder it is for them to "come to their senses" and reverse the transformation.
        Physical characteristics of the first level of Berserker is dark brownish-golden hair, blood red Oozaru-esque eyes, claw-like fingernails and sharper teeth. The source of the Berserker power is in the Saiyajin's tail, and if it is removed then all access to any of the Berserker powers is removed as well.

Berserker Saiyajin, Level 2: In the second level of this form, even Hanayasai is extremely hard-pressed to keep his more feral instincts from overriding him completely. A user who manages to attain this level becomes covered in dark brown or black fur, the hair becoming mane-like and overall they become physically larger in stature along with gaining a slight Oozaru-esque muzzle in addition to a dramatic increase in power and agility. The user also gains an increased healing ability to compensate for the bare-claw tactics they generally resort to -- making things like deep lacerations and bruises of little consequence to stopping them, though more serious injuries such as broken bones naturally do not heal as quickly regardless.

Berserker Saiyajin, Level 3: The final form of Berserker is the "legendary" Golden Oozaru form, though any pretense of higher cognitive function is totally gone in the wake of pure, unbridled primal instinct. Unlike the previous forms, this can only be attained via either a natural or even artificial Blood Moon; even novices can "skip" right into it through either means, though the consequences for doing so are severe both physically and mentally as the body is naturally unaccustomed to so much power so quickly. In this form, anything and everything is simply an enemy to be destroyed or an obstacle to be taken down with as much brutal force as can be used.
          Thus far, the only way this form has been adequately stopped is by removal of the tail as even if the moon is destroyed, it takes a certain amount of time for the body to "bleed off" the power sufficiently enough to reverse the transformation... though the user is left nearly completely helpless in the aftermath of a transformation regardless of the circumstances.

Generic ki attacks


Father: Omeshi (Deceased)
Mother: Chisha (Deceased)

Important Relationships:

        Princess Vejitina (former student, current enemy), Havok (been hunted by him for some time now)


        Hanayasai is a vicious, sadistic killer no matter what race he may be faced with; he takes pleasure in what he does, and is one of the few to welcome the "unfortunate side-effects" of the Berserker form. As such, he is also somewhat mercurial; willing to ingratiate himself to others through word and deed if it suits his needs, but always with the idea of killing them once their backs are turned. He is one of the few Saiyajin willing to be insulted and talked-down to by others without immediate repercussions... preferring instead to wait until the opportune moment to strike them down.