Havok's Profile

Havok's Profile

Character Name: Havok

Age: unknown

Race: Kurokojin

Home Planet: unknown

Power Levels:

Normal: 800,000
Angry: 150,000

Physical Description

Birthdate: unknown
Astrological Sign: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Favorite Food: Braised Saiyajin (increasingly difficult to come by)

Hair: none
Eyes: red
Weight: 230 lbs
Height: 5'9
Attire: Blue sleeveless shirt and shorts, with matching glove and boots. White cape with silver clasp. Gold cybernetic implants replacing right eye, arm, and leg, as well as tip of tail.

Alignment: Evil


            A particularly violent individual, Havok is the last living Kurokojin, having sold his people out to Freiza in exchange for his survival. To repay Freiza, Havok agreed to hunt down the last remaining Saiyajin, a task he undertook with malicious enthusiasm.

            After a decade of effortlessly wiping out Saiyajin who had been sent to alien worlds as infants, and collecting their tails as trophies, Havok was assigned the target that would haunt him to this day, the powerful cave Saiyajin, Hanayasai. For the next sixteen years, Havok chased him through the galaxy, always one step behind him.

            Having received information that said Hanayasai was on a planet a few systems over, Havok ordered his pilot Jadoku to set a course. Upon arriving at the intended target, Havok was surprised to discover that it was not Hanayasai that he found on the planet, but the Saiyajin princess, Vejitina and an unknown green-haired Saiyajin.

            After nearly defeating the both of them, Havok was unexpectedly struck with the acid-covered body of Jadoku, pinning him to the ground and gravely wounding him. Taken back aboard his ship, Havok was rushed to a medical station, and after many long hours of agonizing surgery, was outfitted with cybernetic prosthetics and a desire for revenge.


Tekkoudan: A technique where Havok fires a bullet-like ki blast from the palm of his artificial hand.

Genshitsuu: Havok strikes an opponent, embedding a tiny ki ball beneath the skin that gradually increases in size within their body.

Datsuryokuhou: Havok channels all the power in his cybernetic implants and fires a powerful blast from his chest. This attack leaves his implants completely drained of power however, and is rarely used.



            Sadistic and cruel, Havok is happiest when he is causing others pain. Havok has a deep hatred of the empire that he serves, feeling that he is far too important to be ordered around like a common soldier.