Human Jekyl's Profile

Jekyl's Profile

Character Name: Jekyl

Race: Saiyajin turned human

Alignment: neutral

Power levels:
Normal: 550
Powered up: 930
In power armor: 768,000

Description: around 5' 8,'' white sleeveless shirt, baggy blue pants, saiyajin boots (normal); standard saiyajin armor with black bodysuit composed of a thin mechanical layer that increases endurance, strength and speed, suit increases combat abilities significantly. Capsule corp. power gloves and power boots, allow ki manipulation and limited flight (battle)

Brief History:
      A saiyajin whose past precedes him, Jekyl was turned into a human by the magic of Antan Kaiohshin in a fight, stripping him of all his power, and memories. Has been trying to force his memories to resurface so that, even if he is never turned back, his life will be his own.

Relatives: Kyuuri (father, deceased), Zuuki (mother, deceased), Tougarashi (brother, deceased), Astrea, Contessa (daughters), Mameryou (son)


Generic ki blast

      Has forgotten how to perform most of his techniques, but memory jolts to life occasionally, allowing him to utilize them.

Wrecking ball: A medium-large ki ball that explodes on impact.

Wrecking Beam: Similar to the wrecking ball, only in beam form, without the explosion.

Kokuei Yabureme: User's shadow takes on a life of it's own, attacking an opponent.

Atamagaokashii Attack: Jekyl's most fatal attack, for both the user and the recipient. attack can multiply his power by at most 300 and puts it all into one huge ki ball.

Anything else important?: Lack of memory regarding former life has led him to be slightly gullible.