Jadoku's Profile

Jadoku's Profile


Character Name: Jadoku Kiba

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: Kuroanasei

Race: Sune-kujin

Character Description:

Birthday: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Other races' younglings, they're softer and easier to digest.

Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow, with red slitted pupils

Weight: 100 lbs
Height: 4'7
Attire: Is usually clad in just a bandolier across his chest and a belt/cod piece ensemble that holds a variety of weapons and gadgets that he uses in his "line of work".

Brief History:

        Jadoku was born on Kuroanasei like any normal Sune-kujin, a race of "changelings". His kind have the ability to adopt other forms and powers easily by sampling a small taste of blood from their intended change. When they shape-shift, they adopt that person's complete power and form, but if injured, they will return to their original Sune-kujin form. However, they will be bound by the same limitations as the original, and often do not reach full potential in other powers because they either do not know how or simply cannot handle it. They also cannot "ascend" to higher forms other than the original's normal.

        But back to Jadoku. He was trained in the full art of shape-shifting, but had an affinity for theft that eventually lead up to mercenary work. His reputation for always being willing to side with the highest bidder put many of his employers on edge due to his sheer untrustworthiness; rumor being he had even worked for the underworld boss Darnack for the whole of one run, which ended when he subsequently abandoned his cargo to save his own tail. The fact that he also had a penchant for stealing from the wrong people also dropped his reputation a few points. Unfortunately, he had the "audacity" to steal a few things from one of Freiza's many planets and was traced back to Kuroanasei; but he didn't get the chance to set claw back upon the planet's surface before it was promptly destroyed for his folly.

        While he felt no remorse, exactly, for his planet's destruction... he was terrified when he was captured by Freiza's forces led by Havok, his chief bounty hunter. Having become the foremost name in rogue Saiyajin extermination, Havok gave the sniveling Jadoku a choice: either die for trespassing against Freiza, or become Havok's personal minion to "work off his debt for the foreseeable future". With really no other recourse, Jadoku joined Havok on his missions and became the pilot of his personal flagship... as well as his personal "whipping snake".

        A turning point would come, however, when Jadoku botched the coordinates for a mission and ended up bringing Havok to Earth. Luckily for him, there turned out to be Saiyajin on that planet regardless and both of them went planet side to "collect". They ambushed Jekyl first, but Jadoku was told, in no uncertain terms, to leave that particular trophy to Havok alone. Left to his own devices, Jadoku ambushed Vejitina but realized she, too, could be a trophy for Havok and not wanting to end up at the receiving end of his boss' ire, he led her back to him. Unfortunately for Jadoku, he hadn't counted on Jekyl's strength and was beaten into an acidic pulp... then subsequently thrown at Havok while he was distracted with the Princess. With his boss severely injured by his own acid, Jadoku took the better part of valor and escaped with him back to the ship.

        After being outfitted with prosthetics, Havok relegated Jadoku moreso to ship duties... which suited him just fine. In the wake of repeated failures, not only to kill the Earth-bound Saiyajin but Hanayasai as well, King Kold assigned them to accompany Frieza to Earth to take his revenge on Goku... who naturally, wasn't on the planet. When Frieza was killed, Jadoku knocked Chiller out and brought him aboard the Imperial ship as a 'traitor' to appease the impending anger of the King. Jadoku quickly discovered, though, that the prosthetics Frieza had been outfitted with recorded the entire battle... including their own abandonment of him once they realized the futility in trying to fight the Saiyajin. Panicked by that revelation, Havok ordered Jadoku to sabotage the recordings and after extensive work, he managed to tamper enough with it to place sufficient blame on Chiller.

        What they hadn't counted on, though, was the Saiyajin pursuing them to get Chiller back. In a ruse, Jekyl pretended to be Tounasu with the Princess in tow to return to the Capital ostensibly to be wed by the King. Realizing they could deliver the last of the royal family to the King, Havok decided to play along allowed them onboard but relegated to the hangar. Once they arrived at the Capital, the two of them wisely stayed out of the way once they handed over Chiller and the tampered data to the King. After Kold had been defeated by the two Saiyajin, he ordered them to ambush them while they were unawares; which they both did with relish. After they reported to the King, however, the two previously dying Saiyajin were nowhere to be found... prompting the King to give them one last chance to destroy them and the planet they'd come to inhabit. Wanting to take no further chances, Jadoku managed to procure a Planet Killer Class ship and went with Havok to Earth once more.

        When they arrived, they discovered that Hanayasai had found his way to Earth as well... and Havok wanted one last crack at the ever-elusive Cave Saiyajin. Left alone, Jadoku maneuvered the ship into position and began to charge the cannon; when Havok was defeated and recalled onboard, Jadoku fired the ship's cannon... and was shocked when the Vejitina and Jekyl managed to combine their powers and beat back the cannon's blast; causing it to overheat. Defeated once more, they were forced to return to the Capital thoroughly convinced that any further attacks on them would end only in similar failure... but the King was not so easily deterred. Having captured Kadiluan after having Chiller bring him to the Empire under the ruse of establishing peace, Kold formed an Armada; which consisted of a multitude of other bounty hunters called in by the King specifically for dealing with the Earth Saiyajin.

        Jadoku accompanied Havok and the Armada back to Earth, but by this time they both were getting tired of the King's insistence on destroying the last remnants of the Saiyajin and nearly getting them killed in the process. At the promise of a better deal should Havok manage to take the throne in the wake of the King's death, Jadoku was more than happy to be the one to seal Kold's fate when the failsafe in Havok's prosthetics prevented him from doing the deed himself. After disposing of the body in the orbit of Earth, they again came up with a cover story that blamed Chiller and the Saiyajin and returned to the Capital. Weeks later, Havok had eliminated what competition there was to be had and was crowned King.

        Unfortunately for Jadoku, the power went to his boss' head, and he received no better treatment from Havok than he had before; but it came to a breaking point when Havok outright reneged on his prior promises to Jadoku. It was thus that Jadoku began to plot against his new King in secret; terrified the whole while of what fate would befall him should Havok even begin to suspect him after seeing his brutal executions of others to secure the throne for himself. When Chiller, accompanied by the Saiyajin, came to reclaim the throne, Jadoku arranged circumstances to allow them to get all the way into the palace itself to deal with Havok despite his raging paranoia of that very thing happening. Havok was not totally unawares, though, and managed to fight back. After a lengthy battle, Havok was defeated and unwittingly called on Jadoku for assistance. Realizing that his boss didn't suspect him, Jadoku came to his aid... planning on killing him himself. He was interrupted by Jekyl, however, and ended up spilling the fact he'd betrayed Havok in front of what was left of his boss in an effort to be spared by the Saiyajin.

        Knowing better than to tempt fate, Jadoku quickly grabbed a space pod and escaped to Thei-desei. Unfortunately for him, circumstances at the Capital prompted the Saiyajin to chase him down to bring him back to help finally clear Chiller of the charges their tampered evidence had brought on him to begin with. Despite his attempts to escape, Jadoku was finally recaptured and dragged back to the Capital to face charges... though with his cowardly reputation, it wasn't difficult to pin all of the blame on Havok. As of the moment, his fate is undetermined...

Anything Else?:

      He is greedy, but not enough to stay on an assignment if it's gone awry. He's liable to drop everything and run or change sides if it is necessary... though with Havok, he's never dared exercise the latter.


      Just himself


Nijuushin Hitonomi ("Doppelganger Bite"): An attack where Jadoku draws blood from his opponent (most of the time, via sinking his fangs into them) and assumes their form and powers.
Sui Kamisubute ("Acid spitball"): Jadoku can spit a potent acid at his opponent, which can eat through most materials.
Sanchuudoku ("Acid poisoning"): He can perform the aforementioned "Nijuushin Hitonomi" but when he bites, he can inject his opponent with a highly toxic poison.
The type that liquefies a victim from the inside out.
Ki Aigan: An attack where Jadoku can shoot a wave of ki at his opponent by looking at them
Kochi kara Kikou Ha: A ki ball shot from the mouth
Saisei ("Regeneration"): He can regenerate as long as there is a scale left of him.
Shipo Kougeki ("Tail attack"): He can use his long whip-like tail as a weapon
Mahi Shitatsuki ("Paralyzing tongue slash"): Jadoku can use his incredibly long tongue to strike his opponent and paralyze them for a short time.

Important Relationships:

      Havok (former boss), Darnack (former boss, current enemy)