Janenba's Profile

Janenba's Profile

Character Name: Janenba

Nicknames: N/A

Age: Immortal

Race: Demon

Home Planet: N/A

Alignment: Evil

Physical Description
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Yellow w/Black Pupils
Skin Color: Red w/ Light Purple and White Armor Scales
Build: Lean and Powerful; Not Overly Bulky, But Still Muscular; Lithe, Powerful Tail
Clothing: None

Personality Description
      Evil to the Core; Sick and Sadistic

      Evil spirit of the dead that infested the body of a teenager working in the heavens.
      Janenba disrupted the heavens and brought the dead back to life. He was thought to have been killed by Gojiita, but instead, being immortal, he merely took non-corporeal form and bided his time until the right time to strike. He reappeared on earth not long ago, infesting the body of a rising evil human, Prince Rejii and has begun terrorizing the population.

Special Attacks

Ikoukan o Hatsusei- A defensive maneuver that opens a small portal in front of the user which can absorb small energy balls.
Energy Gun- An attack used by Janenba. He shoots energy balls out of holes in his chest like a machine gun.
Kikou Ha- Standard energy wave blasts. They aren't particularly strong and are just used as defensive moves or as distractions
Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha- A single blast of energy shot from the fingertips.
Renzokou Kikou Ha- Continuous blasts of ki shot from the hands.
Kuukanteni Punch and Kick- An odd move where the user stays in one place and can throw various punches and kicks into portals. A portal will then open up behind the opponent and the punch or kick will go right through.
Saisei "Regeneration"- The ability to grow back a part of the body that's been disabled or damaged.
Buku Jyutsu "Levitation Technique" AKA "Flying"
Bunkai Teleport "Break Up Teleport"- A very cool type of teleportation where a character breaks into pieces and reappears anyplace by reassembling.
Mini (Name)-A weird attack where the user creates a little clone of someone that mimics that person's moves.
Mini Janenba- Another weird attack where Janenba can makes hundreds of little clones of himself.