Jeiz's Profile

Name: Jeiz Cheddaswiss!

Home Planet: The Planet Jarlesburg!

Race: A red bishonen-looking guy.

Power Levels: The Ginyu Force have been working hard to keep up with everyone else in the series!

Character Description: Jeiz is an idiot like everyone else, but he's like, bishonen and stuff. So, if he's ever fighting a female opponent he's in luck.

Brief History: Like the rest of the Ginyu Force, Jeiz has PRETTY much always just been working for Freeza and being an idiot.


Crusher Ball: a ki attack of sorts
Bishonen Attack: I made this one up. It only works on girls, tho. Bishonen means "Pretty Boy", need I say more?
Hurricane Attack: He does this with Burter.

Relatives: His Dad, Limburger, ((Who I may be RPing eventually!))

Anything else: Jeiz tends to work with Burter a lot for some reason.