Jekyl's Profile

Jekyl's Profile

Name: Sanshou

Nickname(s): Jekyl
Age: 33
Race: Saiyajin
Home Planet: Vegeta

Power Level(s): 

Normal: 15,000

Psycho form: 150,000
Psycho form (controlled): 300,000
Psycho form (stage 2): 3,000,000


Physical Descriptions: 


Birthdate: 729 A.D. 
Astrological Sign: unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Has taken a liking to Earth hamburgers.
Hair: Green
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weight: 170lbs
Height: 5' 8''
Attire: Custom Saiyajin armor, white gloves and boots, blue bodysuit.
Alignment: Neutral


                A low-level Saiyajin from the warrior caste, the Saiyajin who would later be called "Jekyl" was given up at birth to the imperial science bureau. Intended to serve as test subjects for an experimental process to increase the power of low-level warriors, Sanshou and 19 other infants were subjected to relentless physical training and genetic tampering.

                After eight years, Sanshou escaped from the facility only to immediately run into the young princess Vejitina, who herself was escaping from her overbearing caretakers. While the pair argued about matters like "who bumped into who" and "whose mother was what", the princesses guards caught up with her and automatically assumed that the scruffy looking low-class boy standing next to her was her captor. Thrown into prison, Sanshou was to be executed the next day, but at the last minute, for reasons unknown to him at the time, his sentence was changed to exile and before he could react he was thrown into a sealed pod and launched off the planet. 

                For the next few years he lived alone, surviving only through combat and theft. Piecing together a pod and armor from materials scrounged from abandoned military outposts he was able to leave the planet he was condemned to and wander the universe freely. Sanshou quickly discovered that his name and face were plastered on wanted posters all over the known universe and that traveling about was not as easy as he had assumed it to be. With bounty hunters and Freiza's elite Saiyajin extermination squads scouring the interstellar shipping lanes, Sanshou lived every day on the run. To make ends meet and keep his pod in working condition, Sanshou would often carry out the underworld crime-boss Darnack's dirty work, stealing, destroying, and killing should the job require it.

                Sanshou left Darnack's employ rather abruptly after a disastrous card game left him heavily in debt, and engaged to the mobster's daughter. One day, twenty-five years after he was banished, and planet Vegeta was destroyed, his pod picked up a Saiyajin distress signal. Unable to deactivate the automatic intercept course, Sanshou was forced to come to terms with the fact that he would soon be coming into contact with someone from a race he spent his entire life trying to distance himself from, his own.

                Almost immediately upon landing he was attacked by a pair of female Saiyajins, one of whom claiming to be the very same princess responsible for his life in exile. Though eventually deciding not to kill each-other due to the intervention of the demi-Kaiohshin Kadila who informed them that a horrible evil was approaching the planet, and it was up to them to stop it. It was during this time that Sanshou began using the name "Jekyl", which was used in passing by Kadila. Despite his initial apprehension toward working with Vejitina, the pair would grow increasingly close when after the princess, having discovered the truth about her human heritage, went into shock and fell into a trance. At Kadila's urging, Jekyl's mind was merged with hers, to sort out the destructive thoughts, and save her from herself. Unfortunately, the process left the two of them effectively joined at the mind, none of their thoughts truly their own.

                After the defeat of #00, the evil force foretold by Kadila, Jekyl fell victim to the Cult of Profound Darkness. After days of resisting the near-constant assault on his mind, Jekyl's will faltered, and he gave up his soul to the dark goddess Lillith. Though his soul was later returned to him, that moment of weakness would continue to weigh heavily upon Jekyl.




Psycho Form: Created through genetic engineering, the Psycho form taps into the power usually reserved for the Oozaru transformation. Because of the genetic tampering involved, the user can no longer enter the Oozaru state, instead becoming ten times stronger, and faster, with spiked up hair and constricted pupils. While in this state the user becomes easily agitated, and is as likely to attack allies as they are enemies. If the user is able to regain control of their mind while in this state they can double their power, but they will also burn through their power at a faster rate.

Psycho Form; level two: The true end product of the experiments conducted on him, Jekyl is able to tap into the legendary power of the Super Saiyajin. Because of the artificial boost in power however, the body is unable to withstand the strain put on it, causing previously healed wounds to reopen, and burning through the user's power after only a few minutes.
Wrecking Ball: The user collects a large amount of ki in a single hand and hurls it at an opponent. Upon impact the ball explodes with a great concussive force.
Wrecking Beam: The user forms a ball of ki similar to the "wrecking ball" attack, but when the energy is gathered, they allow it to burst, creating a powerful ki beam that retains the ball form's concussive power.

Compression beam: The user forms a ki ball in their hand and, after forcing it to compress to a fraction of its former size, fired it off as a powerful pinpoint blast. Inability to control the compression can result in the premature detonation of the ki ball.

Full-power Compression beam: A highly unstable variation on the Compression beam. The user compacts a ball of ki to the point where it becomes invisible, and just as it is about to collapse, fires it, causing a massive explosion upon impact. This technique leaves the user incapacitated after firing, due to the massive amount of energy required to form and fire it.

Berserk Siphon: Because of the mental link between himself and Vejitina, Jekyl can draw out the savage and violent thoughts brought on by the Berserker form, allowing Vejitina to fight unhindered and clear-headed.
Relatives: Parents unknown, presumed dead, Vejitina (wife), Endou (son), Astrea (daughter)

Personality: Is generally dismissive and disrespectful of most people he meets due to his long tracts of time spent alone with little interaction with others. Naturally confrontational to anyone he may perceive as a threat.