Kadiluan's Profile

Kadiluan's Profile


Name: Kadiluan

Nicknames: Kadila Sakushi (stage name)

Homeplanet: Upper Heaven, but resides primarily on Chikyuu-sei 

Race: Demi Kaiohshin (1/2 Kaiohshin, 1/2 Human)

Character Description:

Age: 834, but appears to be in his early 20's
Power Level: Unknown, as he's never displayed one
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: January 21st
Favorite Food: Goldfish crackers
Height: 5'4 / 4'0 as a Kaiohshin
Weight: 120 lbs / 85 lbs as a Kaiohshin

*Hair* In his human form, he sports medium-length frosted blue hair with white highlights. In his Kaiohshin form, he bears a mohawk of spikey white hair which trails into a ponytail.
*Eyes* Dark violet
*Attire* As a human, Kadila usually wears his stage outfit for recognition (not that he'd need it), which usually consists of a blue short sleeved coat with a broad rim, a purple sleeveless shirt and dark blue pants. A brown belt usually sits on his waist, and yellow sneakers with blue shoelaces adorn his feet. He also wears an optional golden circlet with a purple gem inside. As a Kaiohshin, he wears their usual uniform only in dark purple and gold with a lighter blue bodysuit underneath along with a gold sash and boots.

Brief History:
            Kadiluan was born over eight centuries ago in Upper Heaven as the son of the beautiful West Kaiohshin, as a result of a tryst between herself and a human lover whom she'd been seeing disguised as a mortal herself. While such a thing wasn't necessarily condoned, the Dai Kaiohshin allowed the West Kaiohshin to keep and raise the child within their realm. With the fun-loving and somewhat mischievous West Kaiohshin as his guide, Kadiluan grew up like an almost spoiled, but good-natured, child with an absolute love for music and song.

            It came to pass, however, that the Dai Kaiohshin decided that Kadiluan had to start learning to be a Kaiohshin in earnest if he ever hoped to become a full-fledged one. As such, Kadiluan was given the title of "Messenger" and designated to be the one to go to the mortal realm and deliver advice and the like to mortals. At first unhappy at the prospect, Kadiluan quickly found the mortal realm a fascinating place, filled with all sorts of people and creatures the likes of which he'd never seen. 

            Over the next centuries, Kadila fulfilled his duties... for the most part. But he continued to spend longer and longer periods in the mortal realm, namely on Chikyuusei. Around 6 years ago, Kadiluan was sent as a messenger to Arthur Zephynos... and became intrigued by the suave businessman, and the deals he would get into. Rather than dissuade him from the path he took as he was originally meant to, Kadiluan ended up staying with Zephynos and starting a musical career in earnest with Zephynos' backing. 

            He quickly became a pop sensation, and had several number ones in a short amount of time. Since then, Kadila has not returned to the Upper Realm, preferring instead to stay on Chikyuu to "see what happens next"... though what is to come may be more than the carefree demikai bargained for. In the wake of the disappearance of the original "Z Senshi", the Dai Kaiohshin upgraded Kadila's status to that of Guardian and bade him prepare them for their roles. Happy to have a chance to "prove himself", as well as meet new people, Kadila waited anxiously for their arrival some months later.

            What he hadn't counted on, though, was a trio of displaced Saiyajin who made it very apparent very quickly that they didn't want to be on Earth, and sure as hell didn't want to be near one another. Figuring it was just a test of his patience and persuasion, Kadila began talking to them in earnest and showed them around the planet; introducing them to the various places and things that would be pertinent to their situation... especially after their respective pods turned up stolen by the Red Ribbon Army. Since then, he has been their near-constant companion (much to their chagrin) and their main source of information regarding the various threats that plague both the planet... and themselves.

            It wasn't long after their arrival that Kadila ended up coming face to face with Antan, a fellow Kaiohshin who had been ousted from his place of power before even Kadila himself had been born. Antan toyed with the demikai some, warning him about an approaching evil that had once been dealt with by the Kaiohshins in the only way that they could -- by sending it to the furthest reaches of the universe to keep it at bay until powerful enough warriors could be found to combat it. Resolving to remain optimistic about his "charges", Kadila informed him that the threat would be well-met... despite the most glaring problem he'd been facing with them -- their distinct lack of willingness to work together. Undeterred, Kadila was determined to bring them together and help them as best that he could... whether they necessarily liked it or not.

            Soon afterward, a new arrival would come unexpectedly from the stars; despite his better judgement, Kadila resolved to go with the Z Senshi into the seemingly derelict ship once it crashed to investigate; though what they found was anything but expected. It seemed as though the entire crew had been massacred, and the ship itself was heavily damaged... most of which appeared to be pre-crash. Finally, after a long-enough trip through the macabre hallways, they finally found the lone survivor of it all -- Chiller, the youngest of King Kold's children. Immediately able to discern that despite the reputation of the Changelings that Chiller himself wasn't necessarily evil, Kadila found himself defending the little Changeling when the Saiyajin confronted him and demanded blood repayment for their race's death at the hands of his brother, Frieza.

            Knowing that the volatile situation could end in tragedy at a moment's notice, Kadila carefully talked them (namely Princess Vejitina) down and told them his worst suspicions -- that the ship had been attacked by the very same force headed their way, and that Chiller could be an extra set of fists against it when it inevitably arrived. To his surprise, and relief, the Princess finally relented along with the rest of them... but only just so. But Kadila had worked with them enough by now to know that any concession, no matter how small it seemed, was a victory in and of itself. Not only that, but now they had Chiller to possibly help them defeat the evil that Antan seemed so dead set on allowing to devour their planet as it had so many others in the past.

Personality: Kadila is much like his mother, a free spirit who simply wants to spend his days doing whatever he wishes. He has a mischievous streak, but very rarely is mean about it. He is rather lazy, though, and when it comes to fighting or serious, dramatic situations, he shows his "cowardly Kaioh blood" and is usually the first to vacate the area.

Relatives: Technically, all of the Kaiohshins can be considered his uncles as the West Kaiohshin is his mother. He probably has human relatives from his father's side, but he has never moved to seek them out as that lineage is over 8 centuries old.

Attacks List/Descriptions:

            Unknown as of this time, as he has yet to display any type of fighting ability. What powers he has displayed thus far have been magic in nature, including the ability to teleport, become intangible, and make things appear and disappear. He is also able to channel his magic into a surprisingly powerful force "bolt", but it usually leaves him nearly totally drained afterwards.

Important Relationships: Arthur Zephynos (agent)