Kagai's Profile

Kagai's Profile


Name: Kagai Kugijutsu

Age: Unknown, but his official date of death is listed as being in 631 A.D.

Race: Formerly Densanjin, now more commonly referred to as a "techno-spirit"

Home Planet: Densansei

Power Level: Unknown

Physical Descriptions: 

Birthdate: October 25th, 586 A.D.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio with a Libra cusp

Blood Type: None

Favorite Food: None

Hair: Dark blue and dead straight, but combed over towards one side

Eyes: Bright gray, almost white iridescent eyes

Weight: Variable

Height: Variable

Attire: Always seen in the utilitarian wardrobe of a Densanjin scientist


Alignment: Chaotic Evil



           Kagai Kugijutsu was born a member of the Densanjin race; a race of secluded beings who value intelligence over brute strength. Their technology had long been considered the finest in the galaxy, and rumored to be nigh-unbeatable by even the brightest of Empire technicians... unfortunately, the Densanjin made it very apparent early on that they had no intentions of sharing their work with outsiders -- they barely had cooperation amongst each other due to the high amount of competition in the ongoing research and development that defines their society. They are one of the few races who came to be known to have repelled a team of Saiyajin sent by the Kold Empire... sending back only their tails and a gruesome videotape of their demise at the hands of the Densanjin's technology.

            Like most other Densanjin, Kagai grew up among the top of his class and his ambitions lead him into a position within their government's military technology development team; allowing him to start more 'ambitious' projects. It was during his tenure, though, that Kagai began to realize that his fellow Densanjin, who so jealously guarded their technology, were far too narrow-minded to see the true implications their work could give them. That with their skills and abilities, instead of hiding away from the rest of the universe like hermits while the likes of more primitive races like the Changelings and Saiyajin ruled with reckless abandon... they could simply conquer them all and rule far more effectively. Kagai's appeals to the heads of the government went unheeded, however, and he began to make his own plans.

            In secret, Kagai began loading 'backdoor' protocols into the robots, computers and other pieces of technology meant to protect the planet and it's denizens -- all linked to a series of experimental controller chips within his brain. When he felt the time was right, he struck without warning in a bid to overthrow the ruling body and instill himself as the absolute authority. His attempt was very nearly successful, until the strain from controlling so many weapons at one time overloaded the control chips and seemingly killed him -- ending his would-be coup.

            During the autopsy in the aftermath of his attempt, it was discovered that the chips had effectively absorbed his consciousness -- killing his body, but leaving "him" alive. Not wanting to take chances, the Densanjin decided to try him regardless and decided to exile what was left of him. Loading him aboard a prison transport, Kagai was sent off into space with a handful of guards to be left at an undisclosed location... but hadn't counted on his newfound abilities. Being free from his mortal coil, as it were, Kagai discovered that he could electronically transfer himself to any piece of machinery or electronics he so wished and take total control over it -- leaving behind a secondary 'control copy' in parts that he'd possessed prior. Utilizing this, Kagai violently lashed out at his captors by turning their own ship against them.

            Unfortunately, during the upheaval the ship was damaged and forced into a crash-landing on a backwater planet; landing on a remote island within one of its oceans. Without a way to leave the now-dead ship, Kagai was forced to lay in wait, conserving what energy was left from the ship's power to keep his consciousness going until he could find a way to become free. That time came nearly two centuries later when a newly married Jekyl and Vejitina decided to explore the island they settled on for their new home and found the seemingly derelict ship. Realizing he could use the “inferior” Saiyajin to his own advantage, he managed to download himself into Vejitina’s scouter and seemingly tried to kill them with what defenses were left to the ship – never realizing he was actually gauging their abilities for later.

            Kagai waited until the Saiyajin took the seemingly malfunctioning scouter to Capsule Corporation for repair, and then made himself known by downloading into the main system and quickly taking over the entire complex… along with all of Dr. Briefs’ robots. Finding the technology far below what he knew would be necessary to not only destroy the inferior races populating Earth as well as launch an attack on Densansei later on, Kagai realized that the Imperial ship that Chiller and Dr. Briefs had been working on outside would be ideal for transmitting himself all across the planet as well as into the more technologically advanced Kold Empire as well. He was surprised, though, when a fellow Densanjin appeared to lend the Z Senshi a hand – Aikon Enzanki. When she tried to deactivate him, he spoke with her and tried to influence her to help him… but she refused and continued to try shutting him down while the Z Senshi fended off the rogue robots outside; her efforts turned in his favor, though, when she plugged in her mobile computer (dubbed a “Pasukon”) into his system… allowing him to download into it and have access to all of her data and weaponry.

            All of which, he used judiciously against all of the warriors including Aikon herself. At length, the console he based himself in was destroyed in a reckless move by Jekyl and his assault seemingly ended without much incident. It wouldn’t be until days later that Dr. Briefs would realize that one training droid had not been found in the wreckage, and couldn’t be accounted for otherwise… as Kagai had found within the databanks of Capsule Corporation a new potential target to overwhelm and convert to his own whims; namely to finish what he started on Densansei centuries ago as well as destroy the meddlesome monkeys who offended the universe as he saw it just by existing.


            In general, his abilities vary depending on what form he finds himself inhabiting at the time. Certain ones, however, are exclusive to him.


Ijou ("Transfer"): Kagai can inhabit any kind of electrical or mechanical component and either remain dormant inside of it or outright override and take control of it. Due to the immense amount of energy he puts off, though, his presence within an object usually causes interference.


Kairai Tejun ("Puppet Protocol"): Kagai can leave 'control copies' of himself within the machines he's previously inhabited; allowing him to monitor or control them from afar. These copies only follow a preset of directives, and do not tend to deviate from them unless the control is overridden by another source.

Relatives:  None


Like with many geniuses, Kagai is exceptionally arrogant; especially when confronted by those he deems are of "lesser species" than himself (which includes most of his own race). He is also shrewd, willing to keep himself in the shadows to conduct his 'business' but also takes great delight in exposing the weaknesses of his enemies and exploiting them mercilessly... sometimes getting carried away.