Koutaigou's Profile

Koutaigou's Profile

Character Name: Koutaigou Utoutoshii

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: Yuureijinkosei

Race: Konpakujin

Character Description:
*Hair* Silver
*Eyes* Pure black eyes that seem to engulf everything, and allow nothing to escape

*Birthday* March 3rd, 4337 B.C.
*Astrological Sign* Pisces
*Blood Type* AB
*Favorite Food* None, she feeds on the life essence of the living.
*Age* 5, 100
*Height* 5'2
*Weight* 109 lbs

        Koutaigou can be a tall and imposing figure if she wishes to be, and is usually clad in a flowing black robe embroidered in silver along the edges. She wears long gloves that start above the elbow and end at her wrists along with a silver studded belt on her waist. Usually draped over her arms and across her back is a black wrap made from the finest spider-silk.

Brief History:
        Koutaigou had once been the head priestess for the Kaneaujin, a race of fairly peaceful beings who had managed to remain obscure due to their planet's obscure orbits and placement. Hers was a line that had been dedicated to calling upon the Kaiohshins for wisdom and been healers for many centuries. During her time, she had a son that she named "Gaki".
        There came a time when a hideous plague struck the planet without warning. Even for all of her healing arts and medicines, Koutaigou watched as hundreds died horrible, painful deaths. Believing the sudden epidemic to be of divine origin, she called to the Gods to relinquish their ire and to spare the Kaneaujin. When none of the good Kaiohshins answered her, she began to despair and when her young son Gaki caught the disease, she panicked. Reluctantly, she turned to the Gods of evil, and discovered the dark Goddess Lillith calmly waiting for her, as she had since the plague had begun. Unbeknownst to Koutaigou, Lillith had spread the plague in order to turn the people in her favor, and now offered to stop the plague on the condition that Koutaigou give the Kaneaujin to her as an offering.
        Koutaigou agreed, and the plague ended. But in it's stead, Lillith transformed the Kaneaujin into the symbiotic spirits now known as the Konpakujin, including Gaki and Koutaigou. However, Lillith saw how valuable a servant Koutaigou had become to her, and decided to use her to further her now-destructive race into the rest of the universe. She granted Koutaigou abilities not inherit to normal Konpakujin, and had her prepare to get off Yuureijinkosei to further her cause.
        Over the next centuries, she founded the "Cult of the Profound Darkness", which is comprised of both the living and the dead; all servants to Lillith in some form or fashion, and all willing to do what it takes to enforce her will. She was also the one to approach the man now known as "Motav Knight" with the offer from her Goddess of immortality and revenge as her second avatar. With but a third potential avatar remaining, Koutaigou bided her time patiently until her Goddess deigned to show her whom he was... which turned out to be a human thief named "Kizu". Never one to question her Goddess' decree, Koutaigou immediately sought him out and brought him into the fold of the Goddess -- first by giving his soul, then by sharing her blood with him.
        But the Kaiohshins were not ignorant of what was going on, and had already summoned their chosen warriors from a sect of warrior-priests called the "Order of Shenlong". What followed over the next few months was nothing short of a massacre as the forces of Lillith clashed with those of the Kaiohshins repeatedly as they tried to break the seal imposed upon their Goddess. Eventually, the Kaiohshins themselves were forced to intervene and Kizu was finally slain... making the ritual to break the seal obsolete. When Motav Knight was sealed away in Hell and the temple that had been erected over the seal site was destroyed, Koutaigou took what few cultists remained and disappeared for a time to avoid a similar fate.
        More time passed, but Koutaigou was patient -- gathering more followers to replace those lost as she waited for her Goddess to reveal her next "chosen one"... and she did. In the wake of the newfound Z Senshi arriving on Earth, Koutaigou felt the familiar pull of her Dark Lady and discovered that it was the Saiyajin named "Jekyl" who bore her mark upon his soul. When he began searching for the Dragonballs to wish Princess Vejitina back to life, Koutaigou lured him to the ruins of the temple and began trying to manipulate him into following the same path as Kizu before him. She nearly succeeded, had it not been for the intervention of the Kaiohshins in allowing the Princess' soul to return briefly and help him remember his reasoning for being there in the first place.
        Koutaigou was undeterred, however, and easily followed them back to Capsule Corporation where she confronted them again. She made quick work of the Saiyajin Princess with her magic, and began seducing Jekyl towards the darkness once more... and succeeded this time. After gaining his cooperation, she returned him to the ruins and convinced him to give his soul to the Goddess... but before the blood rite could be performed and truly complete the sacrament, the Princess and the demikai Kadiluan interrupted it in an attempt to rescue Jekyl. Amused, Koutaigou set Jekyl against them; confident that without his soul, the Goddess' sway over him was absolute.
        What she hadn't counted on, though, was the mental bond between the two. After a short fight, Jekyl's internal struggle caused him to flee rather than continue to fight them. Disturbed some by his continued resistance, Koutaigou pursued him in secret and ordered him again to destroy the two when the Princess let down her guard to try appealing to what was left of his mortal heart and mind. To her utter shock, Jekyl refused her command... which was the same as refusing the very Goddess whom they were both supposed to serve. Taken aback, she quickly discerned that he had managed to wrest his soul away from the Goddess and break her control... an insult that she was not about to allow to go unpunished. Unfortunately, between the two Saiyajin and the demikai, Koutaigou was forced yet again to retreat... but not for long.

Anything Else?:
        Can easily will herself into flesh, possibly even to the point of being able to copy others, but seems to prefer to take over another's life. Her scythe, Atropos, is also one of the 3 unholy weapons of Lillith, and is reputed to be able to send 1,000 souls to the Abyss with one stroke.

        Is the mother of Gaki Utoutoshii, could be considered the "Mother" of the other Konpakujin as well, considering..

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Iryuku no Reitoniku "Will power of flesh and spirit": Though she has not had the experience with powerful fighters like her son Gaki has, Lillith has granted her the power to will herself into the mortal plane at anytime she chooses. It is rumored that this power is expanded, though it has never been proven.
Tamashii Saiken "Soul Bond": Koutaigou has the inherit ability of possession like any other Konpakujin, though it is not really needed.
Meikyou "Shades of the Dead": Like Gaki, she can summon and command the spirits of the dead, but unlike him, she can command groups of them to do specific tasks while he can only command groups towards one common goal.

Magic Attacks:

Golem no Jubaku "Golem's Curse": A potent spell where her opponent is slowly frozen into solid stone. She can also make the "transformation" instantaneous.
Kamereon Azukarijo "Chameleon Cloak": Expanding on her Iruyuku no Reitoniku attack, she can take the complete form of another person.
Chou Zanzou Majyutsu: A series of after-images are left behind when she moves, but can also leave illusions of herself as well as other people.
"Paparapa": Basically a magic trigger word like "Abra Cadabra", it's used for various things such as teleportation and making things appear
Kakuheki Majutsu "Magic Barrier Wall": A defensive manuever where Koutaigou can form a "bubble" shield around herself or a small group of people. Effective against low-high power ki attacks, but can only take so much punishment before shattering.
Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materialism": Where Koutaigou can make things like clothes, weapons, ect. magically materialize out of seemingly nowhere.
Unsanmushou "Vanishing like mist": A technique that's inherent in every Konpakujin to turn into mist. They cannot be hurt in this form, but nor can they attack either. This is mostly used as teleportation or to evade attacks.

Important Relationships:
        Is the whole-hearted servant to Goddess Lillith, and mother to Gaki.