Krillin's Profile

Krillin's Profile

Character Name: Krillin

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: Human

Char Description: Short, no longer bald, has no nose, but does have a nicley cropped head of hair. Pretty muscular for a short guy too.

Brief History: Krillin used to train with Goku, but slowly found himself left behind. This didn't stop him from trying his hardest though, and he's always there to help in a fight.

Anything Else?: Always dishes sandwiches when entering a room.

Relatives: Android #18 (wife), Marron(daughter)


Kienzan: super thin disk of "ki" that can cut anything

Kamehameha: standard energy shot

Various other blasts: y'know, stuff he picks up along the way.

Important Relationships: Goku, #18, Marron, Muten Roshi, Gohan.