Kyabetsu's Profile

Kyabetsu's Profile

Character Name: Kyabetsu

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 12

Race: SaiyaJin

Home Planet: N/A

Alignment: Neutral

Power Levels

Normal: 20,000,000
Hidden: 5,000
Oozaru: 200,000,000
Super SaiyaJin: 100,000,000
Super SaiyaJin 2: 500,000,000

Physical Description

Height: 4'0"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Tanned Caucasian
Build: Lean and Powerful; Not Overly Bulky, But Still Muscular
Clothing: Capsule Corp. T-Shirt; Baggy, Black Pants; Boots (Like Mirai Trunks' Boots.); Dog Tags

Personality Description
        Extremely curious, but a tad bit shy. He doesn't show a whole lot of emotion initially, but when he's around people that he's confortable with, he can have fun.

        Grown in a test tube at the Capsule Corporation, Kyabetsu was constructed from the DNA of a dead SaiyaJin found preserved in the asteroid field that was formerly Vegetasei. Initial tests could not identify the body, but the DNA was oddly similar to the Vegeta Royal Bloodline. He was kept secluded from the general population until the age of 15, when his caretakers felt he could control his power enough to be allowed out to explore the world he was always told about. He is still closely watched by Capsule Corp. satellites in orbit, but the interference factor is usually minimal.

Special Attacks

      (Trained in Every Move Used by the Z-Fighters and their Major Enemies.)