Lillith's Profile

Lillith's Profile

Character Name: Has many, but is most commonly referred to as "Lillith"

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: None

Race: Megami-sama (Goddess)

Character Description:
        Many millennia's old, Lillith's true form has gone through many interpretations through the various religions of not only Earth, but other interplanetary civilizations. It has long been speculated that she has no true form and simply appears as the way those particular mortals view her.

Brief History:
            Long ago, before the dawn of Creation, there existed a Void. It is within this place of dark nothingness that Lillith slept, as formless and chaotic as the rest of her domain. It came to pass, however, that a God of paralleled power to herself came; bringing with Him the spark of life and began to seed her territory with life. Angered, Lillith rose against the God and a long war between them was fought -- light against darkness, life against death, until finally Lillith was defeated and driven back. Unable to kill her, the God instead sealed her within a pocket of her Void that remained; effectively cutting her off from all of the other planes of existence that would come to be.

            But Lillith was anything but content within her prison, and raged for many decades trying to free herself. At length, she realized that while she could not totally manifest as she had once before... she could still send forth her power in minute quantities to the various planes of existence. Time had cooled her ire, and she decided that the best way to punish the God who imprisoned her was to wipe out his entire Creation. To do so, she began watching the multitude of creatures set loose upon their lands and realized a flaw in their design: with free will, they could be turned against the very creator whom they had long since appeared to have forgotten. To wit, she began seeping her power out into the universe, seeking out those individuals whose hearts were dark enough to hear her call. Those who were worthy enough were given a portion of her blood, effectively corrupting them and making them hers. These individuals would never know true death, having given their souls and bodies to Lillith to be resurrected again and again until their Goddess deigned otherwise.

                Over the course of the centuries, her name would be spread by the "Cult of the Profound Darkness", which was headed by Koutaigou; a former Kaneaujin who had forsaken her people to Lillith to cure a plague ironically caused by the same Goddess without her knowledge. To aid her High Priestess, Lillith brought into being her three unholy weapons: Atropos, the scythe that can cut down 1,000 mortals with one swipe, Apollyon, able to cut to the very soul of a mortal, and last of all, Azazel, an obsidian gauntlet that is able to rot the very flesh with barely a touch. She charged her with seeking out two other individuals who were worthy of possessing such power. A man ironically known as "Zeta Knight" would eventually become her secondary avatar, "Motav Knight" and receive Apollyon after he proved his undying loyalty to the Goddess by carving out his own heart and offering it to her after she provided him with the means for revenge against his brethren.

                But that was not enough for her, and she began to cultivate a true triumvirate: three avatars who bore the brunt of her power and soul, who would be able to break open the seal on her and allow her to manifest entirely onto the mortal plane. The Kaiohshins, however, grew wise to her presence and managed to stop her before her final avatar could be summoned forth; losing many of their own chosen warriors during the conflict, none of which whose souls would ever grace the Check Point. Motav Knight was banished to the lowest regions of Hell while Koutaigou was forced to retreat to the darkness again to await another opportunity to enforce her Dark Majesty's will. 

                Knowing she has nothing but time on her hands, Lillith has been sparse in sending out her thus-far lone Messenger out; instead allowing her other cult members to continue spreading her influence. Unbeknownst to the Kaiohshins, however, Lillith has taken an ironic interest in the new set of Z Senshi they have begun cultivating on Earth in the absence of their first group; whose fate at Namek is still undetermined.

Anything else?: Only an elite few of her children are able to contact her directly, and fewer still ever hear from her without having her word borne to them by her favored avatars.

Relatives: None save for her demonic "children".

Attack List:

                   As a Goddess, no one alive knows her true strength in battle as she has always fought by proxy with her avatars. However, those who have managed to resist her recount that it is nearly impossible to do so, and only a great strength of will saved them from becoming part of her cause. She is able to speak into the hearts and dreams of mortals, and able to give portions of her power to those she deems worthy. She is also able to manifest her shadow within any realm she chooses, but not much past that. Those infused with her blood become cut from the natural cycle of life and death, their souls being hers to do with as she chooses. Any who die at the hands of her chosen avatars or their chosen weapons will have their souls drawn to her service, and will never see Heaven or Hell.

Important Relationships: None, though even the Dai Kaiohshin is reluctant to speak her name aloud.