Mameryou's Profile

Mameryou's Profile

Name: Mameryou

Race: 3/4 Saiyajin, 1/4 human

Alignment: good, c'mon, he's 3 years old!

Homeplanet: Earth

Description: dark green hair and tail, wears a black shirt, baggy black pants and saiyajin gloves and boots.

Brief History: Was born with an unusually high power level. Hasn't trained much in his life but at age 3 is already as strong as first form Cell. while training in the RoSaT with his father, started powering up to PSJ3, and the last second, Berzerker power rose up merging the 2 forms together.

Relatives: Jekyl (father), Vejitina (mother), Astrea, Contessa (sisters), Endou (half brother), Haji-Yasha (adopted sister)


      Capable of many attacks, control over them is limited due to age and experience

Generic ki blast

Wrecking Beam: a powerful blast similar to the Kamehameha, powered up by either aiming both hands and charging, or aiming only one.

Wrecking Comet: Mameryou's adaptation of his fathers wrecking ball attack. powered up in a similar fashion, then thrown up into space and brought down at an incredible speed.

Kokuei Yabureme: User's shadow takes on a life of it's own, attacking an opponent.

Super Saiyajin 2: Mameryou was born with such a high power level, he managed to surpass normal SSJ and transformed into SSJ2 on accident when he sneezed

Psycho Saiyajin 1: Resembles SSJ2, in all aspects but the hair color which stays as the saiyajins average hair color, and the eyes, which are completely white. pl increases 40x

Psycho Saiyajin 2: PSJ2 resembles SSJ, only the Saiyajins hair spikes up, and turns black, and pupils glow red with a crimson aura. pl increases 2,000x

Psycho Saiyajin 3: Although it should be avoided due to the partial loss of control over ones own actions, the immense power increase is hard to pass up for a Saiyajin. The usual traits include spiked gold hair, black eyes with glowing orange pupils, and a mist-like black/blue/purple aura. pl increases 4,000x

Berzerker Saiyajin 1-3: Normal characteristics of the first level of BSJ is a long silver tail, gold hair a tad darker than Super Saiyajin, blood red Oozaru-ish eyes, and a shorter-than usual temper. In the second form, the user grows slightly in size and the hair becomes streaked with silver. The third form resembles that of the Super Saiyajin level 4, except that the fur is brown. How light a brown depends on the person's normal hair color, and the eyes turn yellow. The hair turns a darker gold than that of regular Super Saiyajin and muscle mass increases slightly.

Frenzied Saiyajin: The result of a fusion between PSJ3 and BSJ3. FSJ form is very unusual. Physical changes include increased muscle mass, spiked red hair, and blue eyes. The most unusual aspect of the form is the energy field formed around the user. With all the power generated by the merged forms, the users age is accelerated to age 1 year for every day spent in the form. Power increase is unknown.

Anything else important?: likes ice cream...