Maru's Profile

Maru's Profile

Name: Maru Ningensei/ Jinzouseitsu-Zerogou

Race: could be considered none, or all based on his construction and core parts.

Alignment: Neutral

Brief History: Formerly a happy child with enough power to destroy a planet, now an evil android with enough power to destroy several. Maru Ningensei was built as the next form for the reptilian #00 with the data assembled by his computer and based on the thoughts of others, "these kids just keep getting stronger." After merging with his counterpart from an alternate dimension he is now in close to full control of the body. Maru personality still manages to break through whenever his friend Endou is in danger, #00 seeks to repair that flaw.

Relatives: none


Weapons: sharpened tips of fingers.


        Was built with almost all of the Z fighters attacks and the capability to learn more.

Anything Else Important: With #00 personality in control Maru gains a large power boost, signified by yellow eyes and a red aura.