Niranegi's Profile

Niranegi's Profile

Name: Niranegi

NickNames: None

Age: 33

Race: Saiyajin

HomePlanet: Vejitasei


Normal: 11,550
Deactivated: 1,400
Psycho Form, Stage 1: 231,000
Psycho Form, Stage 2: 2,310,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthdate: 729 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Isn't a particularly picky eater.
Hair: White (Light brown when 'deactivated')
Eyes: Yellow (Light brown when 'deactivated')
Weight: 156 lbs
Height: 5' 6''
Attire: "Elite" Saiyajin Armor replete with shoulder, waist and tail protectors, brown utility belt which holds
all of his tools and a black full-length bodysuit.

Alignment: Neutral


            Niranegi, like all of the other 19 infants, was born with a low powerlevel and given up shortly afterward to the Imperial Science Bureau for genetic experimentation and refinement. He was placed into "military custody" and raised under a harsh training regime, where the penalties were severe for even the slightest of infractions... and even worse if any had the audacity to try to escape. Niranegi learned very early on it was simply easier to bend to the rules rather than disobey... giving him a rather sour reputation with the other children as a "pet" of sorts to the scientists in charge of them.

            By the time Niranegi was six, three of the original 20 children had died from the very powers that had been unlocked from the testing. In the wake of their deaths, another tried to escape... but was captured by the security forces and dragged back to the facility nearly dead from their swift punishment. He was displayed before the remaining children as a warning against escape... so it came as a shock when Sanshou dared to escape the facility at eight years old. In an ironic twist, Sanshou's run-in with the Princess would save him from death back at the facility by exile. In order to keep the others from attempting the same thing regardless, the scientists reported that he had been sent away as punishment rather than outright executed.

           A few months later, word of the King's intentions to confront Freiza reached the facility and the scientists in charge knew that the children were nowhere near ready to be able to fulfill their initial function as soldiers for the Empire. Faced with either destroying them to keep them from potentially falling into Freiza's hands or moving them off the planet entirely, the scientists decided to move the children to a military outpost under the rule of Vejitasei at the time rather than destroy the entirety of their years of work and research. It would be at this outpost that Niranegi, along with the others, would get a small taste of the freedom denied them for so long...

          Six years after their abrupt exodus from their homeworld, the Saiyajin Extermination squads finally found the outpost they were stationed at and launched an attack. By then, however, tensions were rising between the scientists and their charges and Niranegi found himself siding with one of the stronger boys named Tougarashi. It is unknown what, exactly, transpired during the attack save that they lost 2 of their number along with their initial "handlers"... though whether that was a case of simply managing to beat them off the planet or finally turning against them outright and killing them is up for debate. Now with only their own counsel to turn to, Niranegi naturally differed to Tougarashi for his orders along with the others -- finding it preferable to perform his duties unchallenged rather than to try taking charge himself.

           For another six years, Niranegi meticulously spent what time he could deciphering and decoding the research data that they had taken from the scientists concerning the Project... when he wasn't busy working with his 'brethren' doing what they could to survive while going from planet to planet. Luckily they had managed to stay together as a group, either out of their programming or by survival instinct, and it was generally easier to overwhelm any opposing natives and take what they needed. It came to pass that Niranegi discovered the ultimate goal of the Project... and the fact that none of them could reach it. Despite having the "Psycho Form" at their disposal, none of the children leftover from the Project could reach the true pinnacle of power, known as "stage two". That is, except for one in particular... the errant Sanshou. He alone had "shown promise" in his results, and it was he who was their only hope in completing genetic modifications that otherwise they would never reach.

          Undeterred by Sanshou's "unknown" status, Tougarashi ordered that he be found. Together with him, Niranegi began searching for Sanshou -- picking up small leads here and there, but always seemingly one step behind him if on his trail at all. It wouldn't be until fifteen years later that they would finally locate him on Earth, following the specific genetic tag that had been imprinted into his blood during the initial experiments. Their search lead them first to EDAEN's backup base, where they came up against Alexander Hourensou and some of his men... and easily felled them. The blood sample they'd actually been tracking, though, was destroyed in the crossfire; forcing them to head for where the files Niranegi hacked into in the EDAEN base said Sanshou would be -- Capsule Corporation.

           Here Niranegi had his first experience with people who, despite knowing who and what they were, did not fear or loathe them. Utterly confused by the Briefs' reaction, he didn't let it deter him much when Tougarashi ordered him to access the elderly Doctor's files and see what information Sanshou potentially let slip about the Project. Finding out about the Z Senshi and their current sojourn to the Empire to help Chiller reclaim his throne, Niranegi was both intrigued and skeptical of most of it... until they decided to lure the demikai Kadiluan out into the open by destroying a city. It worked and he appeared, and it was then that Tougarashi issued an ultimatum: bring Sanshou back to Earth within three days, or they would annihilate the planet.

         After the demikai left, the two soldiers decided to have a bit of 'sport' with the locals and sought out the next strongest powerlevels on the planet... and found Masaya and Kendo Shino as a result. The brothers were no match for either of them, and were effectively trounced with very little effort. Before they could kill them, though, Kadila returned with the Z Senshi and a fight ensued. Using the information they got from Dr. Briefs' files, Tougarashi tried to use Vejitina as a hostage against Sanshou but hadn't counted on her escape. Left with no alternative, Niranegi used a device taken years before from the scientists to shut down the altered genes in Sanshou's body -- dropping him back to the low levels he had been before the experiments. That done, Niranegi took the blood samples needed from him and left with Tougarashi back to the EDAEN base they had cleared out previous to perform the necessary tests while awaiting the rest of their group to arrive.

        Some hours into the tests, Niranegi's scouter picked up the faint signal of Sanshou's genetic tags approaching again and Tougarashi went out to confront him. What he found, though, were the other Z Senshi who had tracked them down intending to retake the deactivation device to reverse the debilitating affects on Sanshou. Confused as to why the tags were still being picked up in his seeming absence, Niranegi left the tests to continue in his absence and joined Tougarashi... and discovered the source of the tags as being from a pregnant Vejitina. Changing the objective to capture and containment, Niranegi utilized a powerful sedative dart gun and managed to fell Musei and Vejitina with it; leaving only Brolli, who proved to put up a greater fight than they anticipated.   

         During the fight, Brolli managed to rip away Niranegi's utility belt and in the struggle, Niranegi ended up being teleported back to Capsule Corporation with him when Kadila finally intervened to help protect the females and Brolli himself. After a confrontation with Sanshou, Niranegi took Dr. Briefs briefly hostage to buy time for Tougarashi and the others to arrive, then left with his belt in tow... not realizing that Kadila had managed to remove the deactivation device from it during the commotion. He and Tougarashi retreated to the base while the other soldiers landed and engaged the Z Senshi outright. By the time they returned, the tests were completed and Niranegi was able to finally extract the genes necessary to ascend to stage two.

         Taking the initiative, he first injected Tougarashi then left to engage the Z Senshi, who had defeated the others and finished making their way to the base, to buy him time for the genes to integrate with his system; refraining from using it on himself at the moment until he could get a better judgement of the effects. Niranegi fought against Vejitina, Musei and Brolli and was ultimately defeated... leading him to use the remaining vial on himself to attain the same power. By that time, Sanshou and Alexander had joined the others in the base and Niranegi took the opportunity to confront Sanshou while Alexander and Vejitina fought against Tougarashi. Niranegi easily overpowered a still-weakened Sanshou, but was only able to achieve stage two for a brief time before Vejitina managed to use the deactivation device on him.

          Left in the base when it collapsed, a heavily injured Niranegi painstakingly managed to pull himself out of the rubble to try continue fighting... but was sufficiently outmatched as was his superior. Left with little option, EDAEN took custody of the two of them to keep them from causing any further trouble to the populace as, even deactivated and on a 'biological time limit' now, they still posed a sufficient threat. Unwilling to be deterred, Niranegi already began to plot a way to escape their confinement and more importantly, stablize their deactivated genes to prolong their lives.


Modified Scouter: Niranegi carries one of the few "prototype, military-grade" scouters intended only to be used by the soldiers of the Project. In addition to reading power levels, it can track the specific pre-programmed genetic tags of the other experiments as well as monitor bio-functions in a target and store files from other databases it's been linked to for later use. Without it, he has no way of sensing ki or tracking targets other than the old fashioned way.

Hesomawari Ha ("Sagittal Edge"): Niranegi focuses his ki into either one hand or both, and fires a beam of energy that is able to punch through nearly anything like a spear. There is no explosive ability associated with this attack.

Rajiaru Enko ("Radial Arc"): Again a one or two handed attack, Niranegi summons his ki into his hands until it flattens like a disk against his palms. With a swiping gesture made in front of him at an angle, he can send razor-sharp crescents of energy either directly in front of him to effectively cut down an obstacle or hurled at a distant opponent.

Jishinha Shintou ("Seismic Wave Concussion"): His only "explosive" attack, Niranegi forms and compresses a ball of ki and launches it; usually in the middle of a group or near an opponent. When the ball strikes, it detonates in a small explosion... but the true force of the attack is the massive shockwave it produces as a result.

Generic ki attacks.

Relatives: None known

       He generally tends to be cold and logical about everything that goes on around him, if not dismissive outright when it comes to things he would prefer not to do. He has a natural curiousity for new, interesting concepts and technologies and seems to be happiest when left to his own devices to figure them out. Due to the programming involved with the testing at the facility, Niranegi will generally obey any and all commands given to him by one he deems his "superior" even if he feels it beneath him or put out by it. He, honestly, has never known a time when he was not under someone else's command, or had the singular purpose of the mission instilled in all of them from birth -- doing whatever necessary for the 'good' of the Saiyajin Empire despite knowing it was destroyed years ago.