Oshidori's Profile

Oshidori's Profile

"Oooo.... Hana..."

Character Name: Oshidori Kuchibashi

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: N/A

Race: Kigensojin

Character Description:
*Hair* Varies (explained below)
*Eyes* Steel blue
*Birthday* September 15th
*Age* 240 million years
*Astrological Sign* Virgo
*Blood Type* A
*Favorite Food* Chinese roast duck
*Weight* 119 lbs

      She's about 7'2, roughly around Cell's height. She wears a short outfit composed of the "bare" necessities, including red boots and black leather. As for jewelry, she wears two big gold bands on her wrists, a gold pearl necklace, and two pentagram earrings. Adorning her back are two short, spikey white wings that a stretched straight back, hiding them nearly completely from a frontal view. She can extend them at will.
      As for accessories, she carries a silver staff adorned with a white rose surrounded by bat wings on top. This is generally used as a conductor for her magic spells and for show.

Brief History:
      Her exact origins are unknown, and much is speculated about them. She was imprisoned in the center of Hell since before even the "great" Kaiohs and Yemma came to their current positions. Her bonds were weakened when Havok's antics in Hell took the attention away from her long enough for her to finally free herself from her prison and escape.
      In a botched teleportation spell, she ended up on Chikyuu and figured it was better than nothing. After sensing the fighting powers of the warriors on the planet, she set out to make them her servants.
      Joining up with the rogue Saiyajin Hanayasai and the Konpakujin Gaki, she succeded in obtaining the coveted Matrix. To her dismay, it's power was too unpredictable for even her to contain and she ended up setting in motion a chain of events that could have resulted in total annihlation, including the fusing of literally billions of alternate timelines/dimensions and, more immediatedly, allowing Vejitina's psychotic warlord counterpart to obtain the infinite power of the Master Emerald.
      Realizing her folly, she and her comrades agreed to help defeat Warlord Vejitina. Afterwards, the trio were granted a pardon by the "mighty" Kaiohs for their crime since they assisted. None of the three has been seen since...

Anything Else?:
      By far her most obvious trait that she has shown is her immunity to the seven known elements, along with her vanity. Seeing herself as above the common hand-to-hand combat fighter, she prefers to attack from a distance with her potent spells. For some reason, she is completely unable to hide her ki.

      None known

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Faia Arashi "Fire Storm": An attack where Oshi gathers up her ki into an insanely large fireball and fires it upward. Once it reaches a certain point, or at her command, it detonates and rains down several beachball sized fireballs onto the surrounding area.

Shimo Enjin "Frost Ring": Oshi creates 2-4 rings of light blue "ki" and sends them at her opponent(s). If they connect and latch onto a person, they cause a spontaneous and indefinite period of immobile freezing.

Senpuu Bakuhatsu "Whirlwind detonation": She creates an intense whirlwind and sends it after a person, ensnaring them inside and effectively trapping them using the velocity of the winds and the air pressure. At her command, she can detonate it and send out a wave of "windblades" in every direction.

Gaia Engai "Gaia Dome": An attack where Oshi causes two half spheres of Earth to rise up from the ground and close over a person/persons and seal up. She can also cause one to rise in front of a person and one behind, then can bring them together to trap the person in the middle.

Oonami Rasen "Surge Spiral": She can manipulate lighting to form a barrier around herself to block low-level ki attacks, or to electrocute an attacker who managed to get too close. Or she can send bolts of lighting at her opponent.

KageMaguma "ShadowMagma": She can gather the "dark blood" from the very Earth itself and raise it up into a large wave of dark magma and sends it at her opponent. This has limited range, however, so it's used sparingly.

Seiren "Purity and unselfishness": She summons a column of light to drop from the sky onto one person. The victim is blinded and immobilized, and will eventually be disintegrated unless they manage to get out.

Kai Kai "Teleportation": Speaks for itself

Bushitsu Chyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materisalism": Same as Gaki's version of the technique, which isn't surprising since she's the one who taught it to him

Genkaku "Illusion": She can create a "mirage" of certain objects, including herself, to fool opponents. These illusions fade after a few minutes.

Genwaku Kaugen "Blinding Light": Similar to the Nova Flare, Oshi begins to glow so brightly that merely looking upon her can cause permanent blindness. She can only keep it up for a short time though.

Bakuhatsu Nikusa "Explosion of Hatred": In some ways the opposite of the Genki Dama, Oshi gathers up all the hatred in her heart and the hearts of others nearby, then releases it in a devastating blast. This attack is all the more damaging if the hatred gathered is directed at a certain person, in which case that person will be hit with the full force of the attack, while his/her comrades will be unaffected.

Important Relationships:
      Hanayasai and Gaki