Piccolo's Profile

Piccolo's Profile

Name: Piccolo

Alignment: Neutral

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: Namek

Character Description: Piccolo is your average Namek. Green, Antennea, the whole works. He trains in weighted clothing.

Brief History: When goku killed piccolo daimoh(sp?) an egg was shot out and piccolo arose from that with vowing to take revenge on Goku. After trainging gohan for the saiya-jin's arival, his cold heart warmed.

PowerLevel: 26,000,000 (taken out of the buu saga, i'm not making this up.)

Relatives: None

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Sonic Kick
High Mystic Attack
Low Mystic Attack
Mystic Blow
Bukuuh Kyaku
Yuudoh Energy
Chou Bakuretsu Ken

Important Relationships: Will take to gohan as if he were his dad, is very protective.