Recoome's Profile

Recoome's Profile

Character Name: Recoome Von Haffenhaff ((Toriyama pun!))

HomePlanet: The Planet Latte! ((Another Toriyama-ish pun! The Ginyu Force means the Dairy Force, and the members are named after dairy products! And of course, you put cream in your coffee!))

Race: A REALLY REALLY big human-looking guy.

Character Description: Like the rest of the Ginyu Force, Recoome is a total idiot, and he's the most hyperactive of the group. He also poses.... A LOT.

Brief History: Recoome's a member of the Ginyu Force, so..... his life has consisted a lot of betting chocolate bars, posing, bowling, and taking over planets for Freeza!

Relatives: None Really.

Attacks: The Recoome Kaboom! Just a special attack of his that he does.

Power Levels: I don't really know for sure, but the Ginyu Force has been working hard to keep up with everyone else who's really powerful. (Last Known at 60,000)

Important Relationships: The other members of the Ginyu Force!

Anything else: He's the one who does the weirdest poses. Need I say more?