Shakaku's Profile

Shakaku's Profile

Character Name: Shakaku Shanakki, also called "Shaa" or "Shaku"

Alignment: Neutral

HomePlanet: Vejitasei

Race: Pure Saiyajin

Character Description: She resembles her twin sister Shi almost exactly, but is a bit different in personality. She has long, bright red hair with golden bangs and tips and firey ruby eyes that appear to have been forged by the flames of Hell itself. Her attire is simple, and consists of normal Saiyajin armor with a cape and her only weapon is a flaming sword identical to her sister's ice one. It appears to be merely a hilt but at her command, can bring forth a blazing blade of fire. She is always watching her sister's back but is the less wild of the two, but not by much. She isn't ruled by blind hate as her sister is, but has a heart just as cold and cruel.

Brief History: She was born on Vejitasei ten years before it's destruction and one minute after her twin sister. She was as quick at learning to control her powers as her sister, but took her time and mastered them nearly completely by age 5. An accident that caused her sister to go Super Saiyajin level 1 lead her to extentsive training to achieve the same level and soon did after her sister's revenge (which consisted of freezing every article of clothing she had) for the fireball.
       At the age of 21, she was sent off with her sister as all Saiyajin were at the time. During her stay on the planet, she managed to reach the first level of her Ultimate "Fire Saiyajin" form and nearly caused the planet to combust due to the sudden, extreme heat increase. Her hatred for nearly everything burns as brightly as her fire but despite this, she is interested in the other types of Elemental Saiyajin rumored to be on Chikyuusei.

Anything Else?: Is curious about other races, and is known to learn all she can before laying waste to a race or planet.

Relatives: Her only known relative is her twin sister, Hyoushi

Attacks List/Descriptions:

FireStorm: Her chief attack, Shaa points both hands at the target and unleashes a quick barrage of fireballs. In her "Fire Saiyajin" form, the fireballs increase to the size of beachballs.

Flame Wall: With a sweeping motion, Shaa can cause a wave of fire to rise up and bombard the enemy.

Chaos WildFire: Great pillars of flame rise out of the ground and surround the enemy and close in quickly.

Flame Shell: It can be used to protect her and her sister, or to trap an enemy in a dome of flames.

Fire Dancer: She can create "Angels" of pure flame to fight for her/do her bidding.

Kasaizan: A kienzan made of fire, can also be turned vertical for a makeshift shield.

Fusion: Shakaku can fuse with her sister to create "Shashi". While fused, their combined elemental strength has given them the "Shashi's Might" attack. An attack nobody's lived through to describe.

Fire Angel Saiyajin: Level 1

        During this form, her body is engulfed in constant blue flame and her skin turns a ruddy gold, while her hair becomes dark blue, almost the color of a superheated flame. Her eyes turn completely red and lose their pupils. All of her attacks and senses are at their utmost power and exceptionally dangerous.

Boiling Point: Using every ounce of power, Shaa conjuers up the biggest fireball in existance and hurls it at the enemy. Even if she misses, it's still big enough to torch a planet unless reflected.

Dying Fire: (Used in either normal or "Fire Angel" form) If Shaa is beaten to the brink of death, which hasn't happened save for one of her sister's temper tantrums, she will go into recluse in an exceptionally hot place like a volcano, star, planet core, sun, etc and regenerate her powers and strength.

She also has normal ki attacks, like any Saiyajin.

Important Relationships: Only her twin sister.