Hyoushi's Profile

Hyoushi's Profile

Character Name: Hyoushi Shanakki, also called "Shi"

Sex: Female

HomePlanet: Vejita

Race: Full Saiyajin

Char Description: Looks exactly like twin sister Shaku, except for spiked, short hair, and ice blue eyes. Wears Saiyajin armor with a cape. Is an Elemental Saiyajin of Ice and Snow. Has a special sword made of pure ice. It will never break or melt, and is extremely strong. Anyone else who tries to touch it, excpet for Shaku, freezes instantly for eternity. Is the wild and wooly one of the two. Is always ready to fight or blow something up. Is always watching out for sister, and is 1 minute older than her. Get her and I together for serious mayhem. We've grown to destroy and hate everything. We both have pretty much the same power level, and both love each other dearly. We've destroyed over 30 planets, and have killed off over 80 races.

History: Was born on Vejita 10 Years before Freiza blew it up. I learned to use my ice and snow powers at 2, and went SSJ at 4 when sister, Shaku, burnt my hair off with a fireball, since she's the controller of Fire. Is now 21, and was sent off with sister to Yabbitat-sei, where the gravity is 100 times more than Vejita-sei. We under went intense training and have both mastered SSJ 1-4 and I conquered Level Une, Ice Saiyajin. My sister is the same,and also conquered her Level One, Fire Saiyajin. I ended up freezing the planet the 1st time I hit Ice Saiyajin. I can make anything drop to Absoulute Zero in a touch and could freeze all of the stars in Level One. Is probably the strongest of the Elementals, and has desired to hear about the other Elemental, Musei, and see how strong she is to set her place in the universe.


Snow Swirl:I can charge up a blast, when it happens, the temp drops by 100 degrees. When shot, it swirls and is an icy blue. Is one of my main attacks and is so far one of the most powerful.

Angel Rush: I power up and then run forward, charging still. When I fire, a blast comes out of my body, forming an angel and can freeze the enemy instantly, then explode in a rush of energy.

Teleportation: Can teleport anywhere I desire.

Artic Blast: A flash of snow and ice that freezes everything in it's path.

Explosive SnowBall: Usually used as a distraction, but can form a snowball in hand and charge it with energy, then throw it and it explodes on contact.

Cold Cut: Slices with arm and can slice through pretty much anything with this atack.

Dual Cold Cut: Slices arms with a X for twice the fun.

Kienzan: Krillin's attack. A whirling blade of energy than can slice through pretty much anything .

Fusion: Can fuse with my twin sister to form "Shashi". Their hair is a spin of fire red and ice blue. Can use both Ice, Fire,and water as well. They have a devastating attack called "Shashi's Might", where everything is either burned, or frozen then melted. Have destroyed many planets that way.

Can form unlimited amounts of ice spikes and can have lotsa fun with it too

All normal Ki attacks.

Ice Angel Saiyajin: Level One

I can turn this and my power is turned up by 50 Fold. Can do all attacks, plus others only available in Level One. When this happens, I look just like an angel, as hair goes to shoulder length, and turns to ice.

Death Freeze: It's pretty much a suicidle attack. I charge up, and let a blast out, freezing the enemy completely, and it uses a lot of my power. It's also one of my most powerful.

Suicidal Freeze: My body turns pure ice, and then seconds later, explodes with a huge amount of energy. It can take out anything within 10 mile radius. I've never had to use this, but has always put it the back of my mind.

All Other Attacks.