SpinFire's Profile

Name: SpinFire

CallNumber: K-18

Race: Jinzouningen

HomePlanet: Chikyuu-sei


Normal: 527,000,000
During Rising Fire: 756,000,000

Physical Description: Usually wears a white shirt with the Red Ribbon logo on it, along with dark blue pants and sneakers. His right arm is also a flamethrower attachment, making him obviously inhuman.

Normal: Red pupils/long blond hair
During Rising Fire:Pure yellow eyes, no pupils/long reddish-orange hair

Alignment: Neutral

Brief History: SpinFire used to be human. But one day he accidently stumbled onto one of Gero's laboratories and was captured by the Doctor. Fearing if he released the young man that his location would be given away, Gero did the only thing he could. He turned him from flesh and blood to flesh and steel. It was merely an experiment to Gero, to see if he could obtain complete loyalty by erasing his former memories and putting a program in it's place.
      K-18 grew in power but the human within him caused him to rebel against the Doctor then he fled to gain more power to one day return and destroy Gero for what had been done to his former self. During an unsuccessful raid, K-18 was severely injured by Gero's forces. But Gero rebuilt the android in one last attempt to keep control of him, thus creating K-2000.
      His plan worked...for a while. K-2000 was his ultimate creation. Totally loyal and ruthless,and caring for nothing save protecting Gero and destroying the Z senshi. During a long, drawn out fight with them, however, his program was damaged and released him from Gero's hold.
      Exceptionally POed, K-2000 wanted nothing more than Gero's head on a stick. A chance encounter with a fire entity, however, gave him the power to do so. After freeing the fire demon known as "Blaze" and merging with him, SpinFire was born.
      But during a short lived battle with Shojisha, SpinFire was damaged beyond repair and believe he was finally going to die. But a few nanobots that had escaped detection and destruction found him and offered to repair and enhance him for the price of inhabiting his body. Not one to throw in the towel with Gero still running amuck, SpinFire agreed to the terms.

Weapons: Flamethrower arm attachment


Flame Disk: A small kienzan shaped disk flies from a slot in SpinFire's chest and hovers about 25 feet from the ground. It then unleashes a rain of fire down upon anyone or anything that happens to be under it.

FireBall: Explains itself...

Finger Grenades: When forced, SpinFire uses his old attack of launching all five of his fingers at an opponent, that explode with devastating affect.

Kaen Sentou: "Flame Spire" SpinFire aims his flamethrower at the ground and fires a few times, causing pillars of flame to erupt underneath an opponent.

Kaedama Okibi Boomerang: "Double Blazing Boomerang" He forms two flame blades, one in each hand and curves them inward, enabling him to enlarge them to whatever length his chooses and hurl them at his opponent.

Regeneration: Newly enhanced with the nanobots, he can recover quickly from damage he takes.

Flame Blade: SpinFire can create a blade of pure flame, the length and size vary.

Rising Fire: SpinFire can overload his ki generator and therefore give himself a large powerup.

Relatives: None that he can remember.

Anything else: Knows he can never get his humanity back so only has one goal, to kill Gero. And is also upgraded considerably with Densanjin technology so he doesn't know what he's capable of.