TienShinHan's Profile

TienShinHan's Profile

Character Name: TienShinHan

Alignment: Lawful Good

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: Human

Age: 20

Character Description: TienShinHan is fairly noticeable, with his shaved head and third eye. He's tall and muscular, and is usually clad in a pair of green pants with gold cuffs and a pair of heavy boots.

Brief History: When TienShinHan was thirteen, his parents were killed and he took up the life of a wandering mook. Since then, he's fought in the Tenkachi Budokai, joined the Z Senshi, retired from the Z Senshi, and now is forced to fight in the popular TV show 'The Coliseum' to pay the bills.

Relatives: His younger sister, Erim.

Attacks List/Descriptions:

Can split forms, has a variety of ki attacks and other powers that he has yet to discover.

Important Relationships: TienShinHan has a close bond with his best friend, Chou-tzu, but isn't as close to his sister as some would think...