Tijiiri's Profile

Tijiiri's Profile


Name: Tijiiri Shirakawa

NickNames: None

Age: 12

Race: Human

HomePlanet: Chikyuusei

Powerlevel: 1,350

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: June 30th, 751 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Citrus fruits of any kind (they're a rarity in the village)

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Clear blue
Weight: 90 lbs
Height: 4'11
Attire: Orange and brown long-sleeved robes of the Order along with brown animal-hide boots and an embroidered wrap around his forehead.

Alignment: Lawful good

            Tijiiri was born to the Shirakawa clan of the Order, one of the oldest clans within it's ranks and one of the most respected as well. Primarily situated around a warrior lifestyle than that of a scholar, the Shirakawas have long since been known to venture forth once they come of age into the "outside world"; seeking to test their skills against others and pick up new techniques. As such, their clan has always been at the forefront for whatever cause the Kaiohshins would call them for... namely the first true battle fought against the Cult of Profound Darkness on Earth centuries ago.

            When Tijiiri was 5, his father left them to go abroad on his once a year "quest" to test his abilities. A year later, news of his father's death during a fight with a much stronger opponent reached the family after others were sent to search for him. Left with only his mother now, Tijiiri resolved to become as strong as he possibly could -- not to avenge his father (though that notion has not left him, the teachings of the Order forbid acts of vengeance), but to protect his family in his father's absence. 

            At 12, Tijiiri was recognized as a man by the Order through their coming-of-age ceremony and left the village a short time afterward when news of the Tenkaichi Budokai reached them. Tijiiri entered, and fought against several opponents successfully in the elimination matches until he came up against Musei Shino, the Saiyajin wind elemental. Though he fought as valiantly as he could, he was ultimately ringed-out and forced to return to the Order to further refine his technique.

            A short time later, though, would find the Z Senshi on the Order's veritable doorstep after the threat of the Cult's reawakening had specifically put them in danger. Eager to be able to learn from them, Tijiiri began training with Musei and Vejitina for a time -- learning a few new techniques in exchange for some of the generic Order techniques. Unfortunately, the training was cut short when a rotting plague struck the Order; striking down both dragon and human... and eventually Saiyajin, alike. With the village no longer safe, the Z Senshi were taken to Kami's Tower and Tijiiri returned to helping where he could while an antidote was being worked on by the Elder.

            During the chaos of the plague, however, the realms of the living and dead, mortal and immortal were split asunder as Lillith made a bargain with the Demon King Dabura for control of it all. Taking up a dragon mount, Tijiiri was forced to use his skills to protect the village from the invading hordes of darkness until the North Kaiohshin's arrival. Anxious about his newfound friends, Tijiiri rode to the tower and participated in the fight against the hordes there. He and his mount were also teleported to safety when Jekyl, in the stolen body of his robot double #21, self-destructed to destroy Dabura, who had come to Earth after trying to kill the Dai Kaiohshin.

            Knowing things couldn't be allowed to continue as they were, Tijiiri volunteered to go with the Z Senshi to the Checkpoint to engage the Priestess there. He was relegated to protecting them from the monsters and souls roaming about, though, when the shadow of the goddess herself was summoned there in a last-ditch effort to destroy the Z Senshi once and for all. Try as he might, he couldn't penetrate the darkness to help and was forced to wait and hope that they were victorious.

            At length, the Z Senshi defeated the goddess and the darkness passed. Tijiiri returned to Earth with the living Z Senshi then went home to his village to see what he could do to help them recuperate from the devastating blow dealt to them.


Bo: A long staff made of wood, it is Tijiiri's primary weapon of choice -- mainly due to it's non-lethality and variety of uses. It was used by his great-grandfather, then passed to him.

Reiki Etsudoku ("Aura Reading"): A generic technique of the Order monks, this allows them to "read" the aura of any living creature, to discern it's intentions, personality, as well as potential; an ability gained after years of practice and training. This "aura" is the life force inherent in every living being, though it is usually invisible to the untrained eye. Normally it manifests as a haze around an individual, though those with particularly powerful auras are reputed to glow almost as bright as a star. The "power" of an aura is usually determined by either the personality or the ability of the person in question... though any form of "corruption" can usually also be seen.

Ryu Tama ("Dragon Ball"): More or less just a ki ball with the vague shape of a dragon's head.

Ryu Kisoku ("Dragon Breath"): Though this technique takes him a short time to charge, Tijiiri can fire a powerful ki beam in the shape of a dragon at his opponent. Generally, the beam will wind around his opponent and explode rather than just strike them outright.

Orochi no Aizu ("Sign of the Orochi"): Named for the 8-headed serpent God of legend, Tijiiri can send a multitude of smaller Ryu Kisoku beams at his opponent; usually channeled through his bo. These are not as powerful individually and explode on impact, and can be sent aerial or ground-wise.

Relatives: Satoshi Shirakawa (father, deceased), Ayume Shirakawa (mother)

            Having been raised under the Order's teachings, Tijiiri is a quiet, disciplined boy but fairly outgoing despite the isolated nature of his village. He is still a child, however, and takes both insults and praise VERY seriously and is apt to end up in situations over his head just trying to help.