Chibi-Trunks Profile

Chibi-Trunks' Profile

Character Name: Chibi-Trunks

Alignment: Good

Homeplanet: Earth

Race: 1/2 Saiya-Jin, 1/2 Human

Char Description: Cute purple hair,somtimes a black GI,sometimes other.IS very powerful for my age,which is 8,and hangs around with Goten alot.Can go ssj,is working on ssj2,can also do fuzion,and is very jelous of Deki and Vejitina of there Bezerker,Mega Bezerker,and Omega power.Unfortunaly will never go Bezerker or Mega Bezerker because I have no tail.

Brief History: IS a very bright boy and gets in alot of trouble,especially with Goten.IS extreamly energetic(keep the pixie sticks away!....on second though,BRING EM ON!!)HAs a sword that I carry everywhere with me(suprized no one askes why or I dont get in trouble for it)that was givin to me by Tapion(according to Movie 13)and is very good with it.

Anything Else?: I love to fight and flip and moon people.