Tsa Shen Wei's Profile

Tsa Shen Wei's Profile

Character Name: Tsa Shen Wei

Race: human

Alignment: good

Homeplanet: Earth

Human: 5' 6'', pale skin, white hair and blue eyes. Wears blue gi with gold trim.
      Rabbit: 1' 2'', gray fur, blue eyes

Brief History: Training background is unknown, but learned the ability to travel incredibly fast through his training with the wind master Ichijin. Was given the "ability" to turn into a rabbit whenever hit on the head when he tried to defend a city against the konpakujin Gaki. Has spent the last 3 years training in the mountains, strengthening old techniques and devising new ones.

Relatives: unknown


Weapons: is trained to use swords if needed


Usagi Henshin: the "ability" to turn into a rabbit when hit on the head.
Usagi Panchi: channeling all energy in the body into a punch so powerful that it can turn sand to glass, and melt solid steel.
Usagi Kakezan: creates multiple copies of user, special rabbit ability.
Kakezan Panchi: after using Usagi Kakezan, all copies use Usagi Panchi.
Usagi Kamikaze Danmaku: after using Usagi Kakezan, all copies transform to rabbit form, become charged with ki and launch themselves at the opponent, exploding on impact.
Ritou Kaze: a sharp sword formed by stinging wind.
Tsume Kaze: razor sharp claws formed by stinging wind.
Kawaii Attouteki: used in conjunction with Usagi Henshin, user simply looks "too cute to hurt," usually followed by an attack.
Kemurininaru: user manipulates wind and air to vanish from sight.
Kankidan: with a wave of the hand the user sends a freezing cold blast of air at the opponent.
Choukousokudo Fusenmei: user travels at a speed so high that they are no longer visible. Technique starts with users image blurring.
Barrier: user forms a strong barrier around themselves capable of withstanding multiple high power hits.
      Can use protective spells learned while trying to find out how to reverse curse. All techniques listed can be used in human and rabbit forms, potency of attacks doesn't decrease with physical size.

Anything else important?: extremely agile in both forms, rabbit form currently a possession of a certain green haired 3/4 saiyajin child under the name "BunBun"