Turles' Profile

Character Name: Turles

Alignment: Neutral

Homeplanet: Vejita-sei

Race: Saiyajin

Character Description: Is almost an exact copy of Goku, except has darker skin.

Brief History: He came to earth to plant the Tree of Might but was beaten by Goku. He was inadvertantly wished back by an unknown source and is now living a toned down life on Zephynos' show, "The Coliseum" as a fighter.

Anything Else?: He doesn't go SSJ or Oozaru, he's got his tail though. He's also evolved past the tail weakness.

Relatives: None known

Attacks List/Descriptions:

      He rarely fights anymore, but is getting back into the swing of things now that he has an outlet in "The Coliseum."

Important Relationships: None