Turosokai's Profile

Turosokai's Profile

Character Name: Turosokai

Race: 1/3 Saiyajin, 1/3 Densanjin, 1/3 human (sounds like fruit punch)

Alignment: good

Power Level:

Normal: 1,500,000
Super Saiyajin: 3,000,000
Super Saiyajin 2: 6,000,000
Super Saiyajin 3: 12,000,000
Super Saiyajin 4: 150,000,000
Berzerker Super Saiyajin 4: unattained

Brief History: Turosokai had to fight Brolli when he was 8 years old to try to stop him from destroying his planet and lost but managed to escape after his parents were killed. He trained in his capsule which also had gravity options so for the next 6 years he trained in hopes of eventually killing Brolli to take revenge for his parents deaths.
      After 6 years he finally lands on the earth and finds Trunks and Gohan training, Gohan decides to help Turosokai train even harder and introduces him to Dende and Mr.Popo. after a couple of months they decide to let him use the room of sprit and time to speed up his training. 5 years have passed now and brolli has made his way towards the earth.
      Gohan, Trunks and the rest of the gang have decided to help him defeat brolli but he refuses to let anyone else to follow him. He then leaves to fight brolli.

Relatives: family unknown


Weapons: ludicrously large sword, and a gun of unknown make.

Kibaku shikyo baru: a large Ki ball that surrounds the opponent and detonates upon reaching a predetermined time limit.

Ki no ittou: user fires a blast from a Ki charged sword

Koukyuu Gata Kikou Ha: a very powerful Ki ball sent towards opponent by a punch

Shyougeki Ha: explosion underground caused by user lifting 2 fingers.

Anything Else Important: has a newfound fear of Elvis