Vegeta's Profile

Vegeta's Profile

Name:  Vegeta

Home Planet: Vegetasei.

Race: Saiya-Jin

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (but leaning more towards Chaotic Good nowadays)

Power Levels:
     Normal: 150,800,000
     Super Saiya-Jin 1: 291,000,000
     Super Saiya-Jin 2: 389,000,000
     Super Saiya-Jin 3: 402,000,000
     Super Saiya-Jin 4: 487,000,000
     Oozaru: 1,508,000,000

Character Description: Not too tall, but, then again, isn't that short. Has black hair that is flared up and piercing black eyes. Either has a serious expression on his face or his trademark smirk.

Brief History:

     Vegeta was the crown prince of the planet that was named after him. When Frieza destroyed the planet, he simply had to join the criminal's cause out of the need to survive. Later sent to Earth with his partner Nappa to see why it wasn't ready to be sold, Vegeta and Nappa were thoroughly beaten by Goku, Piccolo, Krillin and the others. Sent back to Frieza, Vegeta then did what no one else dared to do... Betray his master.  Escaping and dealing with Frieza's henchmen, including his right-hand warrior Zarbon, Vegeta sided with Gohan and Krillin in search of the Dragonballs. Unable to survive an attack from Frieza, however, he had supposedly died on Namek. However, due to a wish made by Kami and Mr. Popo back on Earth, he was brought back to life and was soon sent to Earth along with everyone else on Namek... except Frieza.

     Vegeta now lives on Earth, happier than he's ever been in his life. He has found his long lost sister, Vegetina. He has a wonderful wife, Bulma Briefs, and a great son, Trunks. He now fights for the people of Earth, for his family, and also to reconstruct the lost honor of his home, Vegeta-sei.

Anything else?: Has lost the ability to change into a monkey.

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