Princess Vejitina

Vejitina's Profile

"To be vanquished and yet not surrender... that is true victory."

Name: Vejitina "Vejita"

Nicknames: Vej, "Princess", Vej-san

Age: Isn't asked this too often (for obvious reasons) but alleges herself to be around 23 years old... keyword being "alleges".

Race: 1/2 Saiyajin, 1/2 Human

HomePlanet: Vejita-sei


Normal: 53,000
Oozaru: 530,000
Berserker Saiyajin Level 1: [Uncontrolled] 795,000
Berserker Saiyajin Level 1: [Controlled] 1,060,000
Super Saiyajin: 2,650,000

Physical Descriptions:

Birthday: Corresponds to April 3rd of 731 A.D.
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Beef sukiyaki (found this quite by accident when the Briefs held a Japanese-themed dinner)

Hair: Jet black with a red sheen.
Eyes: Dark green
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 5'2
Attire: Sometimes wears either black and gray, or white and red Imperial Saiyajin armor adorned with the "House Vejita" royal insignia. However, she lately has begun eschewing armor altogether in favor of a sleeveless dark blue or black bodysuit with black gloves and boots. She also wears gold bands around her arms and wrists.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

            Vejitina was born into the royal family under... less than ideal circumstances. Before her birth, a team was sent to Chikyuu-sei to investigate the natives there and a few were captured for observational purposes. Once the humans were deemed not enough of a threat to warrant a full team, the ones that were left were forced into servitude to the King and his lesser royal houses. One of the females that became a slave in the palace also caught his attention, and soon became his concubine. From that union, Vejitina was born initially illegitimate; However, as the Queen had yet to produce a child and with the Saiyajin seriously beginning to chafe under the yoke of Freiza, the King felt that a half-blood heir was better than none at all. It was the only thing that spared her life under the harsh laws of the Empire concerning half-breeds of any stripe.

            So thus the King acknowledged her as his daughter, and forced his Queen into going along with the charade and claiming her as her own; making up a story of keeping the Queen's pregnancy a secret in the name of security. To keep such a potential stain from coming to light, the King personally murdered the actual mother of his daughter to keep her quiet. Vejitina would later grow into a young woman completely ignorant until later on in her life that the very man who'd decreed that all half-breeds were to be exterminated broke his own taboo.

            Vejitina exhibited great power as she quickly grew but when she was around 3 years old, Vejita was born to the Queen and she demanded that something be done with Vejitina to ensure her own son's position as ruler. As he couldn't really put the girl away since he'd publicly accepted her as his own, the King himself pondered over what exactly to do with her. Never in the history of the Saiyajin had a female (not to mention a half-breed) been allowed to rule when there was a male heir to be had instead, and the King was not about to discontinue that tradition; firstborn or no.

            Seeing an opportunity, the Saiyajin lord Tounasi approached the King and offered a solution: he himself was a loyal vassal of the House of Vejita and he had a son, Tounasu, only a few years older than Vejitina. Realizing that he could kill two birds with one stone, King Vejita formally announced the betrothal of his daughter to Tounasu. Doing this would not only strengthen the ties between the two houses, but also put Vejitina in a place far from the throne... and potentially Freiza.

            Shortly after she turned four, an odd occurrence happened that ironically enough, set the standard for an event later in her life. While training in the gardens of the palace, an odd machine appeared not a few yards away from her! Out of it stepped a blond-haired Saiyajin that she did not recognize, along with another boy older than she, but still younger than the blond... but looking almost exactly like him. They proceeded to spin a tale of being from the future, which she immediately thought was ridiculous. Annoyed at the thought of being patronized by some fool, Vejitina challenged his story and was offered the chance to go with them. She agreed... and ended up actually being transported into the future, as the duo in question was her alternate-reality brother, Deki Hourensou and his younger self whom he had picked up along the way.

            There she found things as she had not expected them to be. Transported to a strange place in the middle of the night, she was brought to a "Saiyajin Coffeehouse" that they claimed was on Chikyuusei and introduced to a local treat, ice cream. Not quite sure as to what was going on now that her bluff had been called, she found herself immersed with a rather... motley group of people. It would be here that she would inadvertently meet her future nephew, Trunks and his friend, Goten... along with both an older, and younger, version of Shino Museikaze. The latter of which had innocently enough taken hidden refuge in the time machine while Deki had gone to get his younger self. After chaos ensued between the bickering Saiyajin present, Vejitina came to realize that one of the others in that Coffee House was her own future self!

            By the next morning, things had gotten to the point where Vejitina began to question whether her life was going to be relegated to mediocrity... but even worse, she never gained an accurate explanation for why she was on Chikyuusei and not on the throne of her home planet as she'd always envisioned. Fortunately, though, her "stay" was cut short when Deki was forced to return them to their own time nearly a week later... putting Vej back at the garden she had left initially left, but only within the span of 5 minutes. When questioning the guards, it became apparent that, somehow, no one had seen anything... leaving the young girl to wonder if it had truly happened at all. After a few days of questioning herself, she finally bade that the Saiyajin who called himself "Deki" be found, along with Musei; figuring that either one would be able to finally validate her experience. While Deki was never found, and indeed was never even heard of, Musei was found and brought from her training to stand before the Imperial Princess. In private, Vejitina questioned the younger girl... and found out that she remembered the events as well. Shocked at the abrupt revelation, Vejitina found an almost sister spirit in Musei after talking to her at length. After that time, Vejitina tried to make it a point to stay in contact with the only one that she felt she could come even close to calling "friend".

            As she continued to grow, Vejitina quickly realized the gap between the treatment of herself and her brother and found herself at odds with her parents and sibling because of it; especially on the day of her coronation ceremony. What was meant to be one of the most important days of her life became the worst when, after formally acknowledging both of his children as royalty, the King announced that Vejita was his heir to the throne. But things truly came to a head when she finally met her intended, Tounasu, and was told of her place as his future bride... without her consent. Enraged, a then 6 year old Vejitina pitched a tantrum and left the palace in a huff; followed by a contingent of guards to apprehend and return her.

            Not ready to return, Vejitina fled and led the guards on a chase throughout the capital city but quickly became lost. Stumbling near the grounds of an "elite training school", Vejitina came face to face with the boy whom she would run into much later in life, Sanshou. The two immediately became at odds until the guards showed up to retrieve the Princess and, determined to fight, Vejitina attacked them. To her surprise, Sanshou jumped in to assist her and turned out to be more powerful than she originally thought he was. Unfortunately, the two youngsters were eventually overwhelmed and taken back to the palace. Vejitina was punished surprisingly lightly, but she soon discovered that Sanshou had been sentenced to death... for supposedly kidnapping her! Not wanting a person she knew to be innocent to die, Vejitina pleaded with her father and eventually agreed to no longer fight the notion of marrying Tounasu in exchange for Sanshou's sentence to be privately lessened to exile. It was one of the few times the King acquiesced to his daughter.

            Catching wind of Freiza's growing interest in his children, the King began to make plans of his own and sent his daughter on a "mission" at six; far younger than usual for a Saiyajin of her rank and something Vejitina took great pride in. She was determined to fulfill her mission and return stronger than ever... and challenge her brother and father both for the right to the throne. Per Saiyajin custom, it would not be a challenge either could let go unanswered... though the penalty for her insolence had she failed would have been death. Between watching her father's pathetic catering to Freiza (being unaware of his plans to make a final stand until later) and her intense hatred towards her brother for simply being born, she felt that risking her life for the throne was a worthwhile investment.

            In truth, it was a ruse to take Vejitina off the planet first, with her brother following shortly afterward to avoid suspicion. Accompanying Vejitina was a supposedly trustworthy royal guard, when in actuality it was one of Freiza's many henchmen assigned to kill her. When they had reached their destination, the "guard" struck out at Vejitina but hadn't counted on how powerful she actually was. After a brief fight, Vejitina narrowly managed to overpower and kill her attacker... leaving her completely alone for the first time in her life. Severely injured, Vejitina was taken in by the peaceful, albeit tribalistic, inhabitants who welcomed her as a comrade for a time.

            After nearly a year of staying on the planet, she had a chance encounter with Hanayasai, a fellow Saiyajin who had been staying on the planet prior to her arrival; recovering from his own injuries after a run-in with the Saiyajin hunter, Havok. Despite her mistrust of him, after she learned of his ability to supposedly surpass the legendary Super Saiyajin she sought to learn how he did it. It was thus that Vejitina would spend the next 7 years training with Hanayasai on Lylat; effectively growing up with him as her mentor and learning basic survival as well as how to unlock the dormant Berserker ability. But as she grew into a teenager, it became increasingly obvious that he was going for something more than the fairly platonic role he had taken with her as a child. After having seen his abilities first-hand during their training, Vejitina knew that even with her own Berserker power that she would be unable to defeat Hanayasai... an unsettling thought to the young Princess.

            Eventually, Vejitina gained Hanayasai's confidence enough to hear his true intentions towards their home planet: with his nearly perfected Berserker abilities, he would return and slay the King to lay claim to the throne... and rule with her by his side as Queen. Incensed at the thought of someone else laying claim to the throne that she deemed rightfully hers, Vejitina decided that she'd had enough. One night, she stole away to her capsule and left the planet, stopping only long enough to send a strong enough blast that annihilated the planet while it's inhabitants slept. Afterward, she tried to return to her home planet only to find it gone along with her family and court. Filled with anguish and rage that the throne she had been so determined to take was gone forever, she took to destroying anything and everything in her path, regardless they be peaceful or warlike. It was then that she made a promise to herself to see if any of her people had survived as she had, and rebuild the Saiyajin Empire back to it's old glory. As such, she wandered the galaxy; following leads of other Saiyajin, but always coming up empty... and laying waste to the planet that she felt wasted her time in response.

            At some point during her "travels", she once again ran across Musei and for the first time in a long time, Vejitina was happy to have not only found another member of her race... but to have found her only childhood friend was alive and well. Immediately hitting it off all over again, the two of them cut a swathe of wanton destruction across the galaxy the likes of which not even Freiza had attempted. Yet always, Vejitina remained on the look out for other Saiyajin; her hope renewed through Musei's appearance that others of her people had actually survived. At least ones that were still loyal to the crown, unlike her former "mentor". Almost ten years later, the two of them would pick up an old distress signal a short time in the aftermath of one of their planetary massacres. Realizing it was a signal sent from one of the old Vejitasei pods, the two decided to investigate and left for Chikyuusei; landing there almost 5 months later. There they came across not only a defunct pod that had once belonged to "Kakarott", they ran into Sanshou, whose pod had also picked up the signal and homed in on it despite his wishes.

            After a tense argument, the three Saiyajin began fighting amongst one another. To "put Sanshou in his rightful place", Vejitina told Musei to stand down while she resumed the fight one-on-one with him. It was cut short, however, due to the interference of K-1800, who had picked up on their ki signatures and decided to bring them back to Gero. In a somewhat combined effort, they managed to repel the android... only to realize that she was not the only one who had come to see the newcomers.

            The young man introduced himself as "Kadila", and quickly made it obvious that, while he was not a threat, he was interested in the trio. Quickly irritated by the demikai's partially enigmatic way of speaking, Vejitina soon came to realize that her brother, too, had survived their home world's destruction... as a lackey of Freiza.. Disgusted by the thought of her despised kin becoming a veritable "bitch" of the very Changeling who had destroyed everything that they had and thereby turning his back on their legacy, Vejitina made a decision to seek out and eliminate the "automaton that dared to attack them so impudently"... and to leave Chikyuusei. Despite her still smoldering hatred of her brother, she knew that to kill him now wouldn't bring the satisfaction it would have some years ago.

            Unfortunately, it seemed like her pod had gone missing. After "enlisting" Sanshou's help to find it, the two Saiyajin searched the area... and came up with only strange footprints. Needless to say, the prospect of being stuck on the planet did not sit well with Vejitina... but it didn't stop her from improvising. After a surprisingly genial meeting with the Briefs, however, Vejitina found herself staying moreso at Capsule Corporation... along with Sanshou, who had started formally using the name of "Jekyl" around that time. After finding out that Dr. Briefs had invented a Dragon Radar to locate the mystical Dragonballs, Vejitina became determined to use them and make a wish for what she felt she wanted most: the power to overthrow the Changeling Empire that had ruined their people, and bring the Saiyajin back to their former glory as their Queen. Her ambition was put on hold, however, when Kadila foretold of a great evil headed for the planet that only they could take care of... as a team; something that Vejitina had her doubts about considering her antagonistic relationship with Jekyl.

            Things would only get worse with the arrival of her betrothed, Tounasu, whom she had taken to avoiding the time or two she'd run across him in space. Due to Kadila's machinations, Tounasu ended up trapped on the planet along with the rest of them... and immediately became at near constant odds with Jekyl. Figuring that being Queen was enough to make marrying him at least marginally acceptable, Vejitina tried to resolve herself to marrying him for the 'greater good'... despite the protestations from Musei about settling for something she obviously didn't want for herself.

            That mentality steadily changed, however, when the truth about her lineage came to light. Utterly decimated by the knowledge that her entire life had been a lie, Vejitina fell into a wellspring of bitter hatred and despair within herself... but found an unlikely savior in Jekyl, who had had his mind merged with hers at Kadila's behest to save her from herself. While he was able to pull her back from the brink of self-destruction, the entire procedure left them both linked in the mind; sharing one another's thoughts, feelings and lives. While initially struck with a feeling of almost violation at having everything that was her laid bare before another, she slowly came to understand Jekyl's thoughts and life more... and became closer to him as a result before she realized what was happening.

            Things would come to a head, though, when she finally told Tounasu about her half-human heritage... to which he reacted with notable hostility. During their argument, it quickly became apparent that that was not his greatest grievance with the whole debacle... it was his jealousy of her friendship with Jekyl and the fact that she'd ended up bonded with him mentally. Tired of listening to his ranting, Vejitina struck him to shut him up but was interrupted by Jekyl... whom Tounasu immediately attacked. At Jekyl's request, Vejitina sat back and let the two males fight it out until Jekyl's Psycho transformation began taking a toll on her from their bond... though by then, Tounasu was in no condition to fight any longer. In the wake of his defeat, Vejitina told Jekyl that by Saiyajin tradition, he had won the right to become her betrothed in his place... though at length, it was an option that neither of them were willing to put much thought into at the time.

            To her dismay, however, Hanayasai inevitably appeared on the planet seeking his revenge. They fought, and due to Jekyl mentally drawing the form-induced rage from her, Vejitina was finally able to temporarily master Berserker long enough to defeat Hanayasai... but died a short time later from her injuries. She was wished back almost the next day, however, by Jekyl. Soon after, the "cosmic evil" that Kadila foretold, #00, attacked and was finally defeated... ironically enough by Chiller; the youngest son of King Kold who had crash-landed on Earth a short time beforehand after only narrowly escaping the wrath of the approaching #00. After a heated confrontation, she stayed her hand of vengeance against the young Changeling at the behest of Kadila in lieu of using him as an ally against the incoming bio-weapon... a decision that ultimately proved to be a good one.

            The time Vejitina would find to repay Jekyl for saving her sanity would come when he came under the mental and spiritual assault of the Cult of the Profound Darkness and lost his soul to the Goddess. Determined not to lose him as she had so many others, Vejitina was initially set to go after him when an argument with Kadila about it lead to Jekyl himself appearing among them out of the shadows. When he was suddenly recalled just when it seemed like she was reaching him, Vejitina set out after him... but was confronted by Koutaigou herself and would've likely been killed if not for Kadila's intervention. Back in his right mind, Jekyl mentally contacted her and told her not to come after him... something she quickly refused to do, and came to the temple along with Kadila to save him. At length, she finally managed to convince him to pull his soul back from the Abyss... though it was a narrow victory that made them both targets for the Cult's ire both now and in the future.

            However, they would not have much time to consider the ramifications as the very evil they had been preparing for finally arrived in the form of #00. After returning to Capsule Corp. to recuperate from the battle, Vejitina argued with Jekyl some before they both came to the realization that things were not turning out as they had imagined they would... both with themselves and one another. With some careful consideration, they finally decided to "run with" the feelings they were developing and simply see where it would take them. For the first time in a long time, Vejitina decided to let down her guard of her own volition around someone other than Musei.

            It would not be long before the cult would strike again, when the Priestess herself possessed an unknowing Vejitina during an outing with Jekyl. Over the next few days, Vejitina would gradually weaken from the energy being drained by the Priestess until she was finally overwhelmed completely by her and trapped within her own body under a blanket of darkness. When she would next 'come to', she found herself standing before Jekyl in the depths of Hell with two green-haired teenagers she didn't recognize nearby and little idea as to what was going on. As Koutaigou began to overtake her again, Jekyl used the holy water to finally expel the Priestess from her body -- causing her to awaken later on back at Capsule Corporation. After Jekyl mentally brought her up to speed on things, they both confronted the two teenagers and got a shock when Astrea informed them that she and Jekyl were their future parents! More than taken aback by the revelation, it would put a whole new light on their relationship... and give Vejitina a new look at the twins themselves.

            Not wanting the twins to return to their own hopeless future, she and Jekyl resolved to go to Kami's palace to see what they could find of use for them. After speaking to Korin, though, they discovered that Motav Knight had been allowed to escape after the accidental destruction his crystal prison and that there was an artifact that could be of use against the Goddess: the "God's Heart". Returning to Capsule Corp with the news, they used a currently-mortal Kadila to contact the Dai Kaiohshin who appeared himself to speak with them about it. Upon hearing of his reluctantance to help the mirai children, Vejitina threatened to leave the planet to whatever evil would plague it rather than continue to protect it. When Jekyl agreed with her, the Dai Kaiohshin finally released the artifact to them on the grounds that Jekyl and Kadila remain behind to prevent the Goddess from influencing them. Reluctantly agreeing, Vejitina left with the twins to stop Motav Knight at the newly-rebuilt temple.

            Unfortunately, it was all a trap and Vejitina found herself ambushed and locked away in a mirror within the depths of the temple. When Jekyl and Kadila came after being similarly ambushed back at Capsule Corporation, they freed her and they all left to confront the second messenger before the mirror seal. What they found when they arrived, however, was their future son about to walk the same path as his father after valiantly resisting and a battle ensued. In the end, Kadila was able to use the artifact to halt Motav Knight's dark powers but when he tried to throw them into the Void itself, Vejitina combined her powers with the rest of them to knock him into it. Afterwards, Jekyl razed the temple to the ground and they returned home where Vejitina spent the next few days getting to know her future son and daughter as much as she could before they inevitably returned to their own time.

            Nearly two weeks later would see the arrival of Freiza with a retinue of Havok and Jadoku on Earth, having initially come there seeking revenge on Goku. With her worst fears realized, Vejitina rallied the others and even Chiller himself to confront the Changeling who had destroyed their people and robbed her of her throne, as she saw it. Even rebuilt as a cyborg, however, Freiza was still stronger and had started to toy with them moreso than actually bother fighting them. It wouldn't be until Jekyl nearly died protecting her from a Death Beam that the fight finally turned in their favor when, in her rage, Vejitina finally became a Super Saiyajin. Losing his usual arrogance in the face of the same kind of power that had nearly killed him before, Freiza wildly attacked her... which proved a fatal mistake in that his fear, coupled with her newfound power, finally allowed her to kill him and avenge their fallen people as she'd always intended.

            Vejitina wouldn't have long to revel in the victory or the transformation as Kadila made them aware that Chiller had been taken by Havok. Knowing that if King Kold found out about Freiza's death and the circumstances behind it that the Earth would likely go the same way of Vejitasei, Vejitina resolved to go after him. In light of her protestations, Jekyl joined her in a pod modified by Dr. Briefs and they left for the Empire. After running across Jekyl's old "business partner" Darnack and summarily putting him in his place, they finally caught up with Havok. Initially wanting to simply overrun and kill him, it would be Jekyl's suggestion of playing along in a ruse as Tounasu completing his 'mission' that would take them to the Capital safely to confront Kold himself.

            After fighting his minions and finally the King himself, Vejitina was prepared to kill him if not for the intervention of Chiller on his father's behalf. Against her better judgement, Vejitina acquiesced and left the throne room with Jekyl to take their pod and leave... but they were ambushed by Havok and Jadoku on an indignant Kold's order and nearly killed. Knowing they were as good as dead, Vejitina herself for not killing Kold regardless. Luck was on their side when Kadila abruptly intervened and brought them back with senzu... but knowing they weren't prepared to go for another round, Vejitina had Kadila return them to Earth again.

            Recuperating from their brush with death, Vejitina and Jekyl finally met with King Koku of Earth to establish a rapport between the Saiyajin and the royal government. With the first meeting going well, Vejitina was optimistic about the prospect of reviving the Saiyajin on Earth... save for one obstacle: after having discovered her half-human heritage, Vejitina began actively trying to seek out that part of her lineage and had had Dr. Briefs finally uncover the fact that she had an uncle named Alexander... though little else was found; much to her frustration. Picking up on it, Jekyl would try to find the answers for her and it ended with a trip to the King again to request the military files on Alexander be released to Dr. Briefs... something she hadn't necessarily wanted to involve Jekyl in to begin with, seeing it as a personal 'quest' of her own. The fact that he hid his intentions from her got to her even more and, after an argument, when Jekyl suggested they separate for a while... Vejitina surpisingly left rather than forcing Jekyl to do so.

            With little recourse, Vejitina went to Musei and stayed with her after explaining what had happened... but that coupled with their bond wouldn't let her remain overtly angry at him considering his 'noble' intentions. It wouldn't be long before Jekyl himself came to the coffeehouse and apologized to Vejitina, who accepted it after talking to him about it. They would be startled by the appearance of Hanayasai, however, who had been driven out of hiding by Havok in a last ditch effort to 'claim his rightful prize'. Wondering what Havok was doing on Earth, it would become all too apparent when he was defeated and teleported back to the waiting Planet Killer class ship in orbit around the planet. Having no time to pursue, she and Jekyl would be forced to combine their powers to combat the killing beam sent from the ship to wipe out their newfound home. After an exceeding amount of effort, they barely managed to do so.

            It would be days before they would fully recover, and in that time Dr. Briefs had managed to locate Alexander for her. Apprehensive, Vejitina would nonetheless go to meet him... but ended up ambushed by a team from the secret military sect of EDAEN and taken to their facility along with Jekyl, who'd been ambushed by a similar team. More than a little angry, Vejitina would lash out at her interrogators with painful results until Jekyl managed to break free and released her as well. Together, they confronted the commander of the base... who turned out to be the very same Alexander she had been seeking. Taken aback by the embittered man and what he had done, as well as the government's involvement even after their overtures of goodwill, Vejitina decided she no longer could abide by living on Earth.

            Naturally, Kadila was less than pleased to hear that both she and Jekyl were intending to leave and managed to talk them out of it; opting instead to send them on a 'vacation' of sorts to the tropical planet Tricerius. Finally relaxing after so much time on edge with the constant threats, she and Jekyl continued to grow closer as they hunted the local wildlife and took advantage of the hot springs. The planet's dual moons, however, would force Vejitina to take refuge in the hollow behind a waterfall she and Jekyl had cleared for their use to keep from transforming when both moons became full one night... though the overwhelming toll it was taking on her more feral senses was nearly unbearable. The arrival of a planetary trade group sent by Havok on Kold's orders to investigate their sudden appearance on the planet, however, would force her out of hiding...

            Confronting those left after Jekyl killed one of their number and had wounded some of the others, Vejitina fought as hard as she could to retain her rationality in the wake of transforming... but finally gave in to it in a primal surge of power far beyond that which a single moon could provide. In her mindless rage, she slaughtered the rest of the team save for one and nearly killed Jekyl himself when he tried to intervene and stop her rampage. Eventually forced to remove her tail, Vejitina finally transformed back and ended up taking a wounded Jekyl back to the hollow before confronting and killing the final wounded member of the team before he could escape. To send a message to King Kold, they proceeded to stuff two of the dead members into their own pods and send them back to him the next day. Shortly after, they had Kadila return them to Earth to avoid further repercussions.

            Taking some time to get 'reacquainted' with being back in civilization, as it were, Vejitina would get a more pleasant surprise when Jekyl approached her after having spoken with Dr. Briefs... and asked if she would still be willing to marry him. She agreed, but they wouldn't get the chance to tell anyone before they caught Kadila 'spying' on them... and who told practically everyone else about it regardless after getting his ass effectively handed to him for spying in the first place. With the help of the Briefs, they began to make wedding preparations -- namely the construction of ceremonial armor based on what Vejitina remembered her old kind resembling.

            Without warning, Hanayasai would come calling after getting his tail back from Antan and viciously attacked; forcing Jekyl to go into 'stage two' after Hanayasai himself showed off the second level of Berserker. After he was driven away and Jekyl recovered, the two of them decided to move from Capsule Corp. to avoid further collateral damage. Their search for a decent place would bring them to a town besieged by a monster... which would turn out to be the twisted remnant of a cult ritual gone wrong. Shaken after finally managing to kill it, the two of them would return to Capsule Corp. and speak to Kadila about it... who informed them it was the byproduct of a ritual to resurrect the essence of the High Priestess.

            Weeks later would bring the arrival of Chiller back on Earth, ostensibly as an emissary for Kold to speak with Kadila of all people. Refusing to deal with the Empire on any level, Vejitina and Jekyl were forced to fight with some of his guards until Kadila finally agreed to accompany the Changeling back despite their suspicions regarding the request. Not long after, the Tenkaichi Budokai was held and all of the Z Senshi entered into it; partly to prove to the royal government their intentions despite having saved the planet numerous times already. During the tournament, Vejitina ended up facing off against Musei and defeated her... only to have her nearly ambushed by a couple of cultists there seeking a strong host for the High Priestess. Being bonded to Jekyl, Vejitina was essentially protected from being a target due to the interference it would cause. The cultists were dealt with by the untimely arrival of Brolli, however, which allowed the tournament to continue... where Vejitina fought Jekyl and ended up throwing the fight rather than have to swallow her pride to throw the entire tournament to Mr. Satan; as they'd agreed upon with King Koku to ease the other government officials' minds.

            Mere moments after Jekyl's 'defeat', however, the Kold Armada attacked and forced the Z Senshi to once again confront Kold and his forces. To everyone's surprise, they had backup in the form of EDAEN, who had been monitoring them at the tournament and became aware of the attack themselves. After a lengthy battle, the Armada was finally destroyed and Kold was cornered but managed to flee in his personal flagship with Havok and Jadoku. Having driven them back, it wouldn't be long before Vejitina would be forced to contend with her old betrothed Tounasu again, now a slave of the Goddess and bent on revenge. Again and again he would attack, only to be driven off... each time becoming stronger and more resilient until they were forced to use their last globe of holy water to put him down.

            Shortly afterward, Chiller and Kadila would reappear back on Earth and inform them that Havok had taken the throne and Chiller himself was charged with the murder of King Kold. At first wanting nothing at all to do with the Changeling after having seen his lack of loyalty towards them, Vejitina was finally convinced by Kadila to help Chiller retake the throne... in exchange for calling off the extermination squads and allowing them to contact what Saiyajin still hid among the stars. With that, Dr. Briefs began helping Chiller rebuild his broken ship to take them to the Empire... but it was a trip that would be delayed when Tounasu attacked yet again, only this time with a retinue of Gaki and his other Konpakujin brethren.

            Now horribly outmatched, Vejitina was held at bay by the Konpakujin while Tounasu and Jekyl fought... but she managed to stop Tounasu when he insisted that she give herself up to the Goddess. Knowing that if she didn't, Jekyl would likely die, Vejitina reluctantly agreed but wasn't forced to go through with it when Kadila, acting on Jekyl's request, grabbed her and teleported her away from the area entirely. Not wanting to leave him behind, Vejitina made to go right back to him... but had her powers sealed off by Kadila for 'her protection'. Left with only their bond, Vejitina could only take on the mental strain of Jekyl's "stage two" transformation to allow him to finally kill Tounasu outright... which eventually cost of his own life when he succumbed to the strain and his wounds. Heartbroken, Vejitina initially lashed out in a rage at Kadila, blaming him for it since he initially was the one to keep her confined to the tower. Eventually, Chiller and Musei managed to calm her down.

            Over the next few months, Vejitina would have to wait for the Dragonballs to regenerate to wish her fiance` back; dealing again with Hanayasai in the meantime and driving him off after a narrow battle. The emergence of three robotic doubles of herself, Jekyl and Musei would throw things into turmoil again, as they would prove almost too powerful for them to handle when they destroyed the coffeehouse and nearly killed her and Musei. Whisked away to Kami's palace after being saved inadvertantly by Brolli, the two women would be confronted with having to perform the "Fusion Dance" and become Museitina in order to combat the androids... with mixed results. Combining the absolute worst aspects of both Vejitina and Musei into one absolute force of destruction, she mercilessly slaughtered the androids and nearly killed Kadila and the other Z Senshi when she tried to go for his Potarra earrings to lengthen her fusion based on the sibilant advice of Gaki.

            During the battle, Jekyl was allowed to return to Earth for one day by the power of Uranai Baba and between he and Brolli, Museitina was stopped long enough for the fusion to wear off. Having thought she'd already dealt with such feelings, Vejitina was horrified over what had happened while fused and resolved to not use it again unless there was absolutely no other choice. It was offset by her reuniting with Jekyl, but further complicated when they were ambushed by Gaki and Vejitina was nearly taken by the cult for their ritual. As such, Dai Kaiohshin stated that the Cult was moving in the shadows against them and suggested they relocate to the village of the Order -- a sect of warrior priests who worked closely with the Kaiohshins for centuries. With little option, they complied and Jekyl was forced to return to Kaiohshin-sei shortly afterward.

            It wouldn't be long before tragedy struck again when Jekyl was absorbed by his own accursed shadow, leaving Vejitina powerless to help him this time... and forcing her to make the decision for Kadila to proceed with a purification ritual that would likely destroy Jekyl along with the evil infesting his shadow. The Z Senshi had their own problems, though, in the form of a plague unleashed by the Goddess; the very same plague she had set upon the Kaneaujin centuries previous. Over the course of a few days, many members of the Order fell victim to it and died... and evenually Vejitina herself along with Brolli contracted it. Surprised that the Goddess would allow a potential host for her Priestess to possibly die by her own hand, the Kaiohshins were at a loss as to her greater plan... until the Checkpoint was suddenly overrun by the infernal legions lead by Dabura.

            With the Checkpoint in their hands, the lines between the realms of life and death began to blur and the seal began to weaken... unleashing a multitude of nightmare creatures, demons and souls onto Earth. Despite growing increasingly weaker from the disease as the influence of the Goddess within the work became stronger, Vejitina still chose to fight alongside the others; including Jekyl, who had managed to escape his shadow and was allowed to possess the body of his own robotic double in order to lend a hand but ended up sacrificing it to destroy Dabura with a self-destruct. During the chaos, the mysterious Elder of the Order managed to concoct an antidote for the disease and gave it to Musei, who quickly returned and administered it to her fallen friends. Weakened, but still alive, Vejitina accompanied them to the Checkpoint itself to confront the new priestess of the cult, Tobari.

            During the fight, Vejitina would end up reunited with her father... much to her ire. She would also be confronted by a distinctly zombified Tounasu, who demanded she come with him into the darkness... though surprisingly enough, the King would step in to deal with him himself after having heard of everything that had happened from Jekyl while in Hell. Having had enough of the Z Senshi, the priestess summoned the shadow of the Goddess to the fight and they were nearly overwhelmed entirely by her power. She was narrowly defeated, partly due to the Checkpoint coming out of the hands of her legions and allowing the realms to return to normal. Afterward, Vejitina confronted her father about everything that he had done, not only to her but to Jekyl and even Musei and was met with his usual derision. Knowing that he would never change, and that defeating him as he was would do no good... Vejitina finally renounced him entirely; stating she and the others would start their own Saiyajin Empire on their terms.

            A few months later, Vejitina collected the Dragonballs and, after an awkward confrontation with Alexander, wished Jekyl back. With things slowly getting back to 'normal', it wasn't long before Vejitina and Jekyl were finally married in a fairly lavish ceremony that was crashed by Hanayasai. During the fight, Vejitina was forced to go Berserker to fight and nearly kill him... but ended up nearly consumed by it after using it for longer than she had before. Left with no other option after she was 'put down' by a sleep spell from Kadila, the other Z Senshi brought Hanayasai around with senzu and forced him to tell them how to reverse it. Reawakening her after sending Hanayasai off-planet, Jekyl would help her work through bringing Berserker under enough control to finally reverse her transformation... but left her with heightened senses and a greater desire to transform as a result.

            Retiring to an island for their honeymoon, it would be a few days before they ventured out to explore it in earnest... and found a derelict ship buried within it that had obviously been there for years. Going inside to explore it, they ended up running across the Densanjin techno-spirit Kagai, who hitched a ride in Vejitina's scouter to escape the confines of the dead ship. When she took the seemingly malfunctioning equipment to Dr. Briefs to for repair, he summarily overtook Capsule Corporation and tried to kill them along with trying to infest Chiller's nearly-fixed Imperial ship. Shortly afterward, Kadila came with the news that the spirit of Vejitina's mother had not been accounted for in the aftermath of the chaos at the Checkpoint. Shocked by the news, the Z Senshi began trying to figure out where she could be... and at length, Jekyl took it upon himself to make contact with Alexander and see if she had gone to him.

            The hunt soon turned into a trap, as Jekyl, Kadila and Alexander were ambushed in a swamp by the cult after Alexander was convinced of their sincerity regarding his sister's soul being missing and showed them a potential area she could've been in. Sensing her mate's distress, Vejitina left to find him and ended up being trapped as well... and forced to choose between Jekyl and her own mother, who had been captured by the Goddess. Irreperably torn between the last worthwhile link to her past and her future, Vejitina would finally choose Jekyl just as Musei arrived to render aid. Between all of them, the darkness was forced to retreat... taking Adelaide's soul with them. Lost to them, however, was the reasoning behind the forced decision...

            Weeks later, the ship was finally fixed and Vejitina left with the other Z Senshi to depose of Havok. After fighting their way to get to the Capital, they were all shocked to find that they'd been aided by Jadoku, who had turned traitor after Havok had denied him the very things he'd promised him in the beginning of his Kingship, for most of it. Along the way, Jadoku made comments to the effect of a 'breeding female'... bringing Vejitina back to the suspicions she'd begun having of being pregnant just before leaving for the Empire. Not allowing it to interfere, she confronted Havok, who had already been aware of their presence, along with the others and was finally the one to kill him after a lengthy battle that waged throughout most of the palace. During the fight, Jekyl allowed Jadoku to flee after the snake-man begged pitifully for his life and blamed everything on Havok... something that would come back to haunt them.

            Unfortunately, his death alone did not exonerate Chiller from suspicion... and the Z Senshi received a less than stellar welcome within the Empire despite Chiller's best intentions; the Saiyajin as a race themselves having reached almost "boogeyman" levels of rumor and ridicule by that point. While deciding what to do to rectify it and finally make peace with the Empire, Vejitina told Jekyl of the possibility of being pregnant and they resolved to talk to Kadila once they returned to Earth. Finally realizing that they had no other option, Vejitina and the others left to track down Jadoku... running across Darnack's daughter, Beppin, along the way and being forced to deal with her antics and overtures towards her husband. In a stroke of irony, on the same planet they finally tracked him to, they ran across Hanayasai; who had been dumped there by Kadila after giving his 'advice' regarding Berserker.

            It took all of them to finally take Hanayasai down after he transformed into the final state of Berserker, becoming the Golden Oozaru of legend. Having Musei transform into Oozaru as well to distract him, Vejitina would end up helping in the distraction long enough for Jekyl to get ahold of Musei's sword and remove his tail. The fight would also leave Vejitina with her royal crest tattoo, which labeled her a legitimate heir to the Vejitasei throne, in tatters from Hanayasai's claws; something she ultimately decided not to have repaired. Losing him among the turbulent sands of the planet afterward, they would return to find Beppin and her 'bodyguard' Mesui under siege by some of the inhabitants of the planet. Not necessarily wanting to help them, already being sore at Jekyl for his "mishandling" of the whole thing and especially after finding out they had followed them there, Vejitina nonetheless allowed them to come with them after their own ship was broken beyond repair. On the way back, Beppin confronted Vejitina about "Sanshou" and was quickly put in her place after Vejitina finally lost her already shortened temper with the spoiled girl.

            After they landed and turned Jadoku over to the 'proper authorities', Kadila suddenly appeared to them and informed them that Jekyl's old squad had landed and was threatening the planet if he didn't return within three days. With no option, they had Kadila return them to Earth where they confronted Niranegi and Tougarashi. During the fight, Vejitina was briefly taken hostage by Tougarashi but managed to free herself... leading to Niranegi summarily deactivating Jekyl's altered genes and extracting his blood. Taking him back to Capsule Corporation, it wouldn't be until hours and multiple tests later that Dr. Briefs would discover what had happened and explain that he would die if they were not reactivated. Seeing her husband already suffering from the physical changes associated with it, Vejitina resolved to get the device from them and summoned Musei and Brolli to accompany her to the ransacked EDAEN base Kadila told them the two soldiers had taken up residence in.

            Unfortunately, their element of surprise was blown when Niranegi's scouter detected Jekyl's altered genetic tag from her, and they were forced to fight them again. Intrigued by the revelation, Vejitina was knocked unconcious by a high-powered tranquilizer dart from Niranegi for "study" but was saved by Brolli and Kadila after Musei herself was knocked out trying to protect her. Teleporting them, and by accident Niranegi, back to Capsule Corporation, Kadila suggested using senzu to revive the two downed women. By the time Vejitina came out of it, Dr. Briefs had already used the device to reactivate Jekyl and the other two soldiers seemed to be on the run. Unfortunately by that time, the others had arrived on the planet and they were forced to deal with them as well. By the time they came across Tougarashi and Niranegi again, they had already successfully extracted the "stage two" genes from Jekyl's blood samples and used them to complete their own transformations. Eventually, Vejitina managed to use the same device to deactivate them and summarily destroyed it to keep it from being used ever again. Despite her apprehension along with Jekyl's, she allowed EDAEN to take custody of them afterwards.

            Eventually, they were summoned to the Order village again by the Elder, who proceeded to reveal to them his former role as the High God himself and explained that he had taken a mortal form to live as one, and to allow his mortal children the chance to live for themselves rather than depend upon him for everything as they did in the very beginning. He also revealed to each Z Senshi their pasts... and their potential futures via a magically tiled wall, giving them each a warning to accompany it. Disturbed and intrigued by what she saw, it gave Vejitina much to consider when they finally left... only to be told that Kadila could sense the return of the "God's Heart" artifact in their timeline; meaning that their mirai children had likely returned.

            Their initial search came up empty, though, leaving everyone confused as to just what was going on... until the mirai's ran across them first. Explaining that they had come pursuing the future version of Kagai, who'd stolen the artifact along with the machine, Vejitina was pleased regardless to see her future son and daughter and accompanied them when Kadila lead them straight to the artifact... which was within one of Dr. Gero's overtaken bases. Confronting Kagai about it, they were in for a surprise when it turned out he had joined forces with his past self and planned a trap for them. Utilizing the time machine with the artifact as a power source, Vejitina found herself whisked away into the time stream along with the other three Z Senshi.

            Arriving on a planet that they didn't recognise and having no idea even what time they'd been sent to, Vejitina immediately pulled the now-deactivated time machine out of the rubble of the machine it'd been hooked to but found even she couldn't read the Densanjin language it was programmed in. Soon enough, though, a scouting party ran across them... which turned out to be other Saiyajin! Shocked by the discovery, they were even more taken aback when Jekyl and Musei were initially mistaken for "General" and "Seneschal". Demanding answers, the scouting party attacked the Z Senshi and Vejitina was forced to fight against her own people even after she tried explaining their circumstances. Unfortunately, they were overwhelmed when the party called for backup and taken into custody...

            Where Vejitina came face to face with herself; or, at least, who she would have become had she been born a pure-blooded heir to the throne. After being tortured by first the Queen, then her "General" Sanshou, Vejitina managed to break free along with the others and escape into the city... wounding the Queen in the process. While hiding, they learned some about the bloody history that had taken place there after Musei "read" the winds... leading Vejitina to conclude that the entire thing had taken place because of her unmade wish to the Dragon to cast off her "human weakness". Jealous and angry over feeling like the fact she'd never even had the chance to try inheriting the throne had slapped her in the face, Vejitina mulled over it as they resided at Yasei's dojo.

            It wouldn't be long, however, before the search parties would force them out of hiding and she was able to confront her "Queen self" again in combat... and finally tried to kill her with a ki beam through the chest. Seeking revenge for his fallen Queen, the General would renew the attack shortly afterward... but abruptly, the time machine activated and transported them out of that timeline again. Instead of sending them home, though, it brought them to yet another timeline... one where she had been raised on Earth instead of Vejitasei... by her mother. At first feeling like she was being mocked by being shown all of what she could have had, both as a human and a Saiyajin, she eventually grew a bit more tolerant of her "other self".

            In the wake of their arrival, they found that an evil version of Kadila had stolen a wish from the Dragonballs to release the seal on the Goddess; who had long ago been driven insane by her own power. Realizing quickly that their younger selves had no idea how to handle the cult, Vejitina immediately took charge of the situation and took them to get the holy water after a fight with the "evil Kadila" ended with him challenging them to follow him and teleporting away. Leaving to the northern wastes after finally getting the water, they found themselves contending with their worst fears within the depths of the partially reborn temple ruins... and Vejtiina was forced to confront her deep guilt over the loss of her mother's soul along with her inability to reason with her embittered uncle. Luckily, Jekyl used their mental bond to help her regain her focus and together, all of them managed to escape and confront Kadila... who was subsequently absorbed by the Goddess.

            When Jekyl was incapacitated by his shadow, Vejitina was left with little option but to try confronting the Goddess alongside Sanshou and ended up being absorbed as well. Assaulted by the insanity of an immortal, it was all Vejitina could do to keep her own sanity until she was eventually released along with the others when Lillith was resealed into her mirror. Thankful it was over, Vejitina returned with the others to Capsule Corporation and set about training her younger double in both combat and their Saiyajin heritage over the next few days.

            The training was interrupted when Red Ribbon attacked a nearby city, forcing all of them to contend with them in earnest. Vejitina would realize too late that it was a trap when Capsule Corp. was demolished and she would remain behind to try finding the survivors while the others pursued Dr. Gero. She would find her injured mother among the debris... along with the bodies of the Briefs. Recommending they find another place, Vejitina brought Adelaide to her younger self's home and gave her a senzu before realizing that Brolli had gone missing during the whole debacle.

            When they found him, he viciously attacked them and they were forced to fight with him for a short time before he seemingly came back to his senses. Alarmed by the fact that had he not stopped fighting they would have been hard-pressed to beat him, Vejitina suggested to Musei that she keep a better eye on him as they returned to 'tina's home some hours later... to find Sanshou and 'tina herself gone. Adelaide, however, assuaged their apprehension about it stating that the two would be all right... and Vejitina was finally able to talk to the mother she never knew and only barely remembered in earnest.


Energy Spiral: A spiral of pink energy that ranges in devastation depending on how much power is used, it's usually a one handed attack, but can be fired with two.

Ki Burst: Vejitina can emit a power blast from her body (usually via her aura expanding violently) that varies in power and range. The more energy consumed, the larger and more powerful the blast will be.

Gyariku Hou: Also known as the "Gallet Gun" attack. The energy for it is gathered in a fashion similar to the Kame Hame Ha, and fires a single beam of blue-ish white energy. Vejitina's most devastating attack, and one she usually only reserves for bad situations.

Final Shine: A technique passed down through her family, it is generally considered to be a "last act of defiance" against an opponent; namely due to the fact that it is a suicide move. Vejitina taps the energy that keeps her alive along with what outright power she has left, emitting a sparkling aura around herself before unleashing it in an all-encompassing explosion of epic proportions.

Fusion: Taught the technique by Kadila, Vejitina can fuse with her friend Musei into "Museitina"... unfortunately the technique has proven to bring both of their worst personality traits forward, resulting in a malicious, vindictive and all-around unstable force of great destruction.

Psycho Siphon: Taking advantage of the mental link between herself and Jekyl, Vejitina can draw off the aggressive mental aspects of his Psycho forms to allow him to fight freely.

Berserker Saiyajin: An exceptionally dangerous and unpredictable form. The higher the level, the more unstable and savage the person becomes, reverting to nearly the same base instincts as those of an untrained Saiyajin in Oozaru form. In Berserker Form, they are nearly unstoppable in rage as well as particularly savage in their methods; rumors having them with a penchant for tearing their prey to pieces without forethought. The longer the user remains in Berserker, the harder it is for them to "come to their senses" and reverse the transformation. Prolonged use can lead to a total inability to transform back.
          Physical characteristics of the first level of Berserker are dark brown-golden hair, claw-like fingernails and sharper teeth. An uncontrolled Berserker has glowing yellow eyes, whereas a more 'controlled' version sports the Oozaru-esque blood red type. If the user is able to gain a modicum of control over this form, their power level increases as well as gaining heightened basic senses (hearing, sight, etc.) even out of their transformed state. Blood impurities, however, are believed to dampen this after-effect as opposed to pure-blood Saiyajin Berserker senses.

Relatives: King Vejita (father/deceased), Adelaide Hourensou (mother/deceased), Vejita-ouji (half-brother/assumed deceased), Alexander Hourensou (uncle), Jekyl (husband), Endou (son), Astrea (daughter)

              Due to her upbringing of "emotion is a weakness" and her half-human nature, she has a bit of trouble expressing what she feels so she rarely does save to the few she's comfortable with; often giving her a bit of an "ice queen" reputation if not outright mercurial to those she first meets. She also has a hot temper, and a penchant for resorting to violence first and foremost in a given situation. She still has a strong sense of "royal duty" towards her initial principles of rebuilding the Saiyajin, but has found herself even more steadfastly loyal to those she has come to call "friend" while on Earth; willing to set aside her ambitions for their sake.