Zeta Knight's Profile

Zeta Knight's Profile

Character Name: "Akutoku Jenetikshu/Zeta Knight"

Alignment: Evil

Homeplanet: Rikasei

Race: Shikajin

Character Description:
*Hair* Black
*Eyes* Never seen, always behind black V-shaped visor of mask

      Muscular, but not overly so. Usually wears a dark blue cape with dark gold lining and two shoulder pads on either side. Underneath that, he wears a black and purple chest plate over a black bodysuit with a belt and knee-high boots. Strapped to his side at all times is a long black sword.

Brief History:

      Long before DragonBall, Zeta Knight was once part of a race of people who were relatively equal in mind and body strength, having had the technology to outlive many other races by millenia. Despite this, their technology weaponwise was not up to "par" with the rest of the universe's because they were peaceful and only used their sciences to further their own race along.
      Akutoku was the chief of their research, and soon realized that certain races had genetic advantages over others that could be drawn out and with gene therapy, be bred into an entirely different race. To perfect his theories, Akutoku began using himself as a guinea pig and experimented with his new system, unable to bring himself to using others as lab rats.
      After months of development, Akutoku began to evolve new powers from his therapy, which he planned to put to use in defending his planet from the ever-present, ever-growing threat of planetary sale. It was back then that Vejitasei had been incorporated into the Planetary Trade and the Saiyajin were sweeping galaxies universe-wide and everyone on Rikasei knew it was only a matter of time before their time would come.
      Unfortunately, the Shinkajin grew wary of Aku and his growing power and prowess. Despite his claims of justice, they eventually turned on him and attempted to kill him. They ambushed him one night while he was unaware and managed to incapacitate his powers with two specially designed armbands and the mask he's worn to this day. Disgusted with his people's lack of trust, he retaliated with even more force and managed to destroy the entire planet in his rage before losing his genetically gained abilities completely. Left in the middle of space yet not dying, he went into hibernation, drifting through the nothingness. The experience left him bitter towards most people, and whatever regards he had for life in general were dismissed and forgotten.
      Until he was detected and picked up by a traveling ship, headed by Koola. Using their technology, they revived him and tested his power. During his time in "stasis", his body had continued to change and "evolve" his inherited powers and slowly he began to overpower the locks on his true potential. But they also prevented his true power from being read... for a time.
      After being picked up by Koola (mainly because Koola wanted to get back in favor with Daddy) he became Koola's right-hand man, warning him about the Saiyajins and basically helping him out. Eventually a shipment of newer-model scouters arrived and Koola read Aku's true level. Fearing rebellion, Koola had Aku put in cryostasis and shot towards a black hole. Before he could get near it however, he was picked up by a rogue ship of Densanjin. He slaughtered everyone on board and used the ship's computer to hack into Capsule Corp. and find out about the various Z Senshi and the DragonBalls. He met Jadoku by chance and offered him some rare treasure that was already aboard the ship to go get the DragonBalls for him so he could wish his bonds off.

Anything Else?:

      He rarely goes into battle himself, but isn't afraid to. He also enjoys furthering his research using other races', taking their unique traits, then annihilating them.



Attacks List/Descriptions:

Wangetsu Isei Kai ("Crescent Power Cut"): An attack where Aku channels his energy into his blade, then slices, sending a ki wave (size depends on power used) at his opponents. Can also be used to slice somebody with the blade and obliterate them at close range with aforementioned wave.
Irai Zari: A quick slice with a katana blade
Ayatsuri no Majyutsu: Aku has the ability to persuade people to do his bidding. He manipulates the person into agreeing to serve him, it does not matter whether it's agreeing to scrub his toilet or serve in his forces, then he subtly exerts his will over them more and more until they cannot find themselves doing anything else but serving him to their end. During their time under his power, the Greek letter for capital "Zeta" along with the lower case one imposed over that appears on their forehead.
Kikou Ha:
Standard energy dan
Ki Ai Hou: An attack to push an opponent back by firing ki from a hand.
Koukyuu Gata Kikou Ha: A very powerful blast in a ball form.
Tajyuu Zanzoken:
An attack where he moves so fast that multiple after-images are left behind
Toomi no Jyutsu: The ability to sense what's going on in other parts of the world he's on/universe he's in.

Important Relationships: