Zephynos's Profile

Zephynos' Profile

"It's my first real stab at cliched villainy... how am I doing?"

Name: Arthur Zephynos
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (leans toward Lawful Evil)
Homeplanet: Chikyuu-sei
Race: Human

Character Description:
*Age* 24
*Blood Type* A
*Astrological Sign* Leo
*Birthday* August 13th, 738 A.D.
*Favorite Food* Undisclosed to the public
*Height* 6'2
*Weight* 194 lbs

*Hair* Black, tied back in a short ponytail
*Eyes* Deep red, almost crimson
*Attire* Wears an impeccable silver business suit over a black shirt. His other clothing includes name-brand shoes, a sleek gold tie, and three rings: a large silver ring on the ring finger of his right hand, a ring with his company's icon on the index finger of his right hand, and a golden band on the middle finger of his left hand.
*Battle Attire* A golden suit of armor with silver 'crystals' on his chest, wrists, and knees. He also has an optional helmet and white cape.

Brief History:
      Arthur Zephynos is the owner of the Silver Lotus, a company that arose to prominence after the Red Ribbon / Capsule Corp clash, and quickly became the leading corporation on Chikyuu, partly because they bought out what was left of Red Ribbon and assimilated their automotive business into their assets. While Capsule Corp's capsules couldn't be beat for convenience, the Silver Lotus rode on a different horse: the horse of entertainment. Through control over television, video games, and even radio, Zephynos is now regarded as one of the most important men living.
      Of course, even as his corporation rose to greatness Zephynos has always been looking for ways to make even more money. Enter the mysterious Z Senshi who have protected the Earth time and time again. Who better to fight in his most popular television show, 'The Coliseum', than warriors like them?

Anything else?: Zephynos is a shrewd businessman, and a notorious crowd-pleaser. He has a veritable army of bitches under his command, among them many of the old, washed-up villains. Rumor has it the likes of the Ginyu Force, some of the lesser members claiming to be from the Kold Family, and many of Dr. Gero's older models have been seen in his employ.

Relatives: None known


Invulnerability: Zephynos' golden armor has been developed with exceptional resistance to both physical and ki attacks, much more so the latter. In fact, his armor is completely unfazed by just about any ki attack.

Zephyr Crossbow: Zephynos' main weapon is a crossbow-type weapon affixed to the right arm of his armor. It is capable of several different attacks, including a spread of shots, a series of rapid-fire beams, and a continuous stream of energy.

Hikou: Zephynos' armor allows him to fly, although his agility can't match that of a Saiyajin in the air. This maneuver is primarily used for getting from Point A to Point B if need be.

      Is a proficient martial artist, although the need to use his skills rarely arises.

Important Relationships: Is Kadila Sakushi's agent.