Character Histories!

Hall of Records

          Some people may wonder what some of the characters in this RPG have been through in their lives before they became the Z Senshi they are today. Well, in this section, all is revealed to those who have the courage to seek this documented knowledge.

          We also now have an Art Gallery section, to showcase the RPG-related artwork.

Early Histories:

Museikaze Shino: A young Saiyajin with the power to control the wind. (Down for revision)

Vejitina Vejita: The Saiyajin no Hime whose past is more "colorful" than she could ever have guessed. (Down for revision)

Criminal Record File #0725693: Considering the kind of life he's led, it's unsurprising that the Saiyajin known now as "Jekyl" picked up a few criminal charges here and there over the years...

Reality Check: Set a few months after their initial arrival Chikyuusei, Musei has found her old mentor and begun her training with her anew... but things are not so joyous elsewhere...


World Gone Mad: A filk based on the song "Ave Mary A" by Pink that revolves around the initial arrival of the Saiyajin and their feelings regarding their situation...

Boom De Ah Da (DragonBall Z RPG Reload Mix): A parody of the popular "Boom De Ah Dah" song on Youtube, featuring the cast of the RPG! **NEW!!**