A Lost Saiya-Jin

A Lost Saiya-jin


*Note* Ok everyone, I'm bringing in a cool character that I created. I think he's pretty cool, but after you read the story, write me telling what you think. Of course this is my first fanfic and I thought up the storyline the other night when I couldn't sleep, so cut me a little slack. ENJOY!!

         It's been a few years after Son Goku departed with the Dragon. Trunks left for a new,extremely amazing and smart college,Gohan had left to go back into the crime fighting business, and everything had just gotten boring. Goten was 25 now,and was always bored now that no one was around anymore. He hadn't trained in a couple of months,just kinda laid around,of course his power went no where,it just didnt rise any. Vegita was always busy training and fighting that he never would challenge Goten, he'd always remark, "Boy, you've been sitting around on your ass too much, I'd be too much for you!"

         One day Goten decided to take a walk in the forest.He had done it thousands of times with Trunks,his dad,and some girlfriends he had. As he was walking,he found a place he didn't know. He looked around and found it beautiful.There was a clear stream,wildlife everywhere,and more.He was admiring a bird in the tree as a dagger whizzed infront of him, sticking to the tree, missing him by millimeters.He almost passed out from the fright. He looked at who threw it in a fighting position to see a figure. "Leave," It said."Who are you?" Goten questioned.Then,he saw it,a gleam of light shone in his face. He stepped aside as the figure stepped out. There it stood,a tall figure,it reminded him of Trunks,the clothes and all,but he was different. The person had a belt with several daggers around it,blond hair that fell infront of his right eye(much like Sage),and a tail. It was a Saiya-jin tail,but it wasnt normal,it was a gleaming silver. "Who are you?" Goten repeated. "I am Deki Hourensou,"(Translated "Smart Spinach"LOL)he replied,"and you are?" "Why I'm Son Goten." Deki tilted his head. "You look familiar." "Why do you know my dad,Son Goku?" Goten asked."No, but I know Son Goku's father,Bardock." Deki replied. "How old are you?" Goten asked. "I believe I'm 23," Deki said calmly."Then how did you know Bardock from so long ago?"Goten said in amazement.

          "I was around when Bardock was first alive. He was a few years older than me, but still we were friends. I was unbelievably strong. King Vegita was afraid of me. And as I grew,so did my power until I was so strong they had to send me away.I went peacefully,sensing that there was a reason too. I was one of the brighter Saiya-jins,and could win alot of fights using my wits,not my brawn.Then I was sent off into space, frozen cryogenically. Then I crashed here 2 years ago," Deki finished."Were you by chance in a pod?" Goten asked. "Why yes,why do you ask?" "I saw something two years ago. I just ignored it," Goten said. "What's up with the strange tail,and why haven't I seen you change under the full moons we've had?" "Well,to answer the tail question,it's a new Saiya-jin level I have found. It's alot like Super Saiya-jin,which I have mastered to many levels,and even found a level called Omega,where your hair grows long,and you get purple streaks in it.Then your anger and power greatly increase,and if you use it during Super Saiya-jin,your hair stays gold,but very cooly,it has the purlple stripes. But I call the silver tail level Bezerker beacause you go nuts when you first reach it.Imagine going Super Saiya-jin, but 30 times more angrier when transformed.My tail gleamed silver then for a day I went crazy. But I gained control,and found it doubles your power,no matter how big it is.And for the tranformation,I have learned to control it,it takes a lot of practice, that's one of the reasons why King Vegita sent me away, he thought I was a reject because I wouldn't transform when I had the chance," Deki finally finished.

         Goten was in awe at the Saiya-jin. He couldn't believe him,and he could feel the immense power coming off of him, yet, he seemed peaceful, like his father. He reminded him of Goku. "How would you like to come live with me, Deki?" Goten asked. "Gladly Goten, gladly." "Mother will throw a fit probably,but I bet I can convince her." The two walked off to the house,for Deki to try to start a new life.

         But,there was an evil lurking in the air.They didn't know it, but the two were about to have to defend not only the Earth,but the whole universe itself from this great evil.

Well hey,what chall think hu?Drop me a line at Ty-kun, just title it "Your Story"So i dont think its SPAM(Bleh,hate that junk).Its my 1st story,so tell me what you think of Deki,is he cool,stupid,just to much so I need to tone him down? Dont go overboard on it,but give me your thoughts.Part two will be out soon,and youll hopefully love it,with a brand new enemy,and if i decide,may take it to more parts.Just depends on your comments.Part 2 to come soon. By the way, MAJOR THANKS OUT TO RANDI FOR SETTIN' THE SITE UP FOR ME! My Comp can't do this stuff, so major, major thanks to her! Adios all,and let the DBZ be within you.

Part 2 of the Deki Saga