Deki's Story, Chapter 2
  Deki's Story
Chapter 2

     Hey what do yah know, I'm back and with the next chapter in Deki's story. Also, I'm back with a new character as well (the fun don't stop with me huh?) Actually she's (yes a she, me and my buddies on-line think there need to be more girls in Dragon Ball) a friends character she made up. Wanna know who she is n'stuff. Well just read and you will find out.
P.S. Thanks a lot Randi for lettin' me use Vej. Sorry if I screw up any of her history.

 Here it goes, Deki's story Part 2 (Dun dun dun!).

 *We left our story last as Goten just met Deki Hourensou, yet another one of the lost Saiyajin.*

     "So Goten, you say your dad's Son Goku huh?" Deki asked."Yea, he was pretty cool. I also have a brother. You ever heard of the Great SaiyaMan?" "Well," Deki replied, "I have seen the news through the windows and always heard a guy talking about him." Goten replied, "Yea that's him." "Man he has one funky costume."

     The two kept on walking and talking all the way home. When they got there, ChiChi welcomed Deki into their house.Then, a sudden knock was at the door. "I'll get it!" Goten yelled. He opened the door and was immediately was knocked down. "WHERE IS HE!!" It was Bulma. "Where's who?" Goten asked, as he got up from the floor, rubbing his head. "THE CUTE GUY I SAW YOU WALKING WITH, WHERE IS HE!" Goten rolled his eyes. "She always does this" he thought. "DEKI!" Goten yelled. Deki come to the door where Goten was. "Yeah? What 'cha need?"
     Bulma almost fainted. She looked at him and her mouth hit the floor. He had the perfect body. A huge grin went across her face. "Hehe,Vejita won't be back for about a month. The ass, going into space to train and leaving me here. Oh well." Bulma started to put the moves on Deki. "Hi, so you're Deki..? I'm Bulma!" she said as she wrapped her arm around him.
     Goten facefaulted. He grabbed Bulma and dragged her into the kitchen as Deki just stood there, blinking. "What in the world just happened?" Goten threw Bulma into the kitchen with ChiChi at the table. Goten replied, "You just got hit on by the worlds biggest flirt." "Is that a good thing?"
     A few weeks went by, and Deki was getting accustomed to his new home. He hid every time Bulma came by, until Vejita came back that is. Then one day Deki and Goten were at Bulma's lab.


    "Ahh crap!" Bulma yelled. She stood up and was as black as a hick's tooth. "What happened?" Deki asked. "Stupid machine. I can't get it to work." "Let me try." Deki said. "Heh, you, a Saiyajin, fix a mach....oh my Dende!" Deki stood there, the machine humming and all lit up. "" Bulma kept on saying, thinking that Gohan and Trunks were the only two smart enough to be like her. "Yes Bulma, I fixed it." Goten just snickered. "Quiet you!" Bulma growled.
     A year had passed since Deki arrived. He just loved Earth, as he said lots of times. Goten had started to get even stronger from sparring with Deki. He would a lot of times beat Deki. But Deki said he was barely trying.
     One day, a familiar knock was at the door. Deki went to open it. A guy stood there, a sword on his back, and with purple hair. He also wore a blue Capsule Corp. jacket. "Hello, is Goten here?" "Yeah," Deki replied, "who are you?" Just then Goten walked up. "HEY TRUNKS! HOW'VE YOU BEEN!" Goten yelled. "Ohhh, you're the purple mop in the picture huh?" Deki said. "Is this your girlfriend Goten? She sure is a tomboy." Trunks screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Deki grabbed a picture off the shelf. "You look just like this girl in the picture Goten's with. And you have hair just like her too." Trunks facefaulted. Trunks grabbed the picture. "OH MY DENDE! Goten you still got this picture! Hahaha!" Trunks remembered. "I cross dressed for kicks that day. It was hillarious." "Oh..." Deki was a bit scared.

     Trunks and Deki introduced themselves to each other and then Goten grabbed another photo. Goten laughed. "I remember this. When we did the fusion naked." Goten giggled. "Cool, I've got the copy too." Trunks held up his copy. They reminisced for a while, then ChiChi invited Trunks to stay with them for the night.

     That night, they were all outback talking when they saw something streak across the sky. It disappeared then a HUGE explosion happened in the woods where Deki was found. "What the hell was that!" Trunks yelled. "I don't know, but lets go check it out." Deki said. They all took off and looked for the landing site. "LOOK, THERE IT IS!" Goten said. "Its a pod, like Deki's, and there's a..a..A GIRL IN THERE!"

     Deki dropped down. "That looks like a tail there." Deki popped the hatch open. "Cryogenetic un-freezing process done. Reviving occupant." the computer rang. "This is a pretty much new one. I remember seeing a model of this when I was on Vejita."

     The Saiyajin's eyes blinked open as the fog disappeared. "ITS A GIRL!" Deki yelled. "NANI!" The others yelled. All of a sudden, the pod shattered and a figure jumped out. She threw a punch but Deki ducked and restrained her. She turned around and was about to punch him when Deki hit his knees, bowing. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Goten yelled. "Princess Vejitina..." The girl stepped back. "Deki? Deki is that you?" "Yes Princess it is. How did you...!" Goten stepped between them. "Whoa whoa whoa, you're tellin me that you know each other?"
"Yeah." Deki replied. "Ok then, I think Ill go pass out now." As he said that, he fell over and Trunks caught him. "Whoops..." Trunks said.
     "Who exactly are you?" Trunks said to the girl. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Princess Vejitina of the Saiyajin Royalty, the House of Vejita to be exact. And Deki here is my apprentice and trainer." Vejitina said. "Yep, I taught Vej here everything I know." Trunks was amazed.

 Hey, its me again! Well, there's chapter 2 in Deki's epic story. More to come of yah want. E-mail me and tell em about Vej. Pretty cool char so far huh. I'll get more in detail with here next story, and reveal some secrets about Deki, Trunks and even Vejita! So, keep on readin! Adiose!

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