Deki's Story, Chapter 3
   Deki's Story Part 3

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   Deki's Story: Chapter 3

 *We left everyone last time as Goten was passed out, Trunks was just being Trunks, and Deki met his long lost friend and student, Vejitina.*

     Trunks just stared at Vejitina. In some way, he wasn't sure yet, she resembled his father. "Well Vejitina...."


    Trunks was knocked across the face with a silver tail. "You call me Princess Vejitina! Only Deki may call me Vejitina!" Vejitina said sternly. Trunks growled a bit. "Fine, PRINCESS Vejitina." "That's better earthling." Vejitina said, interrupting, "My name is Trunks Briefs, and Im not a earthling, I'm a proud Saiyajin!"
    Vejitina smirked like Vejita. "You, a Saiyajin! Hahaha! Don't make me laugh." Trunks stood up and started to power up in anger. "I'LL SHOW YOU I'M A SAIYAJIN!" He screamed in anger. Then his hair flashed golden as he went Super Saiyajin. Vejitina just smirked. "I'll wipe that smirk right off your....!" Just then, Vejitina faded behind Trunks and knocked him down. "A Saiyajin you are. But not a great one." Trunks looked up, turned back to normal, and growled. "I am a great Saiyajin, and have a great Saiyajin father." "Haha, and who may that be kid?" Vejitina laughed. Trunks got up and looked right into Vejitina's eyes. "My father is the great Prince Vejita!"
    Vejitina's face twitched again. "Vejita? Your dad is Vejita?" "Yeah, what of it Granny!" Trunks said. Vejitina smacked him. "Never call me that!" "But, you'd be over 40 according to how long you were away, and how old you were according to your departure from Planet Vejita." Trunks said. "He's right, you know Vej." Deki said. "Where'd this boy get his brains, definitely not from Vejita, so he can't be his kid..." Vej thought. Trunks broke the silence. "So, how do you know Vejita?" "He's my brother, baka!" Vejitina yelled. Now it was Trunks turn to be suprised. "You're, his...sister!?"
    "Yes I am." Vejitina said calmly. "I am 3 years older than him. My father was his father. I have always terrorized him and plagued him until Freiza arrived. Father sent me away when he arrived. I was 21. And that's why I still look that age. Now back at home on the Palace grounds, Deki was my personal trainer and apprentice. He was 2 years older than me..." "Still am." Deki said, now standing behind Vejitina. "Yes he is. Anyway, Deki was like a second father to me. He was usually the one watching out for me, caring for me, and getting me out of trouble. He was very strong, as I'm sure he's told you, and in fact was a Super SaiyaJin at the age of 5. But he has yet to tell me why and how he did it." "The time will come Vejitina." "She mustn't know yet." Deki thought. Vejitina continued. "So, he would hold me when I was just a baby. And he trained me when I was 3. And he had a good friendship with the king as well. I've known him ever since I was born really." Vejitina finished.
    Goten got up just then. "Ok who are you!!" he said to Vejitina. Then everyone did a straight anime fall. Trunks told Goten everything as they flew back to Goten's place. "Ohhh, ok, that's neat." Goten said. Deki whispered to Vej. "Hey, remember Bardock?" "Yeah..." "Well, his kid, Son Goku, that's his second son." "Figures, he's got his brains." Deki laughed and then they reached the house.
    As they reached there, Vejita was over there with Bulma, her talking with Chi-Chi, and Bra was whipping her dad at a game of poker. "Dad you're down to your spandex, you'd better stop." She said, as she was sitting on a pile of his wallet, armor, shirts and boots. Just then he turned his head up. "Ha, a straight flush!" Bra said. "Quiet kid, I feel a familiar power." Just then, Vejitina walked through the door. "Sister!? Sister Vejitina!?" "Hey little brother!" She said. She smirked, grabbed his head and yelled. SAIYAJIN NOOGIE!!" And with that gave him one hell of a noogie. Then everyone came out into the living room. Bulma slapped Vejita. "WHO IS THIS WOMAN VEJITA!" She yelled. "She's my sister!" "Yea right blockhead! And I'm the Princess of Planet Vejita!" She said, laughing a bit. "No, actually I am." Vejitina stated. Bulma did a full fledged face fault. "Pppp...rincess?" Then she realized the similarity.
     Vejitina told the story of her and Deki yet again. Later that night, Trunks, Vejitina, Deki, and Goten were all outside. Vejitina was pondering. "Ok, so Trunks, your dad is Vejita, right?" "Yep." "And I'm his sister right?" "Last time I checked you were." "Then that makes me your...your..AUNT! YAHH I FEEL OLD!!" "I'm your nephew, cool!" "Quiet brat, this is bad!"
     After her getting over this, they all went in for bed. As they all went to sleep. There was a sound off in the distance. Trees were waving crazily and rocks were flying everywhere. Then "RYUUBIIMU! YAHH!!" was heard, and it sounded like Deki. Then "Energy Spiral!" was heard a split second after. It was Vejitina. They were getting back to their roots. Deki and Vej were catching up in a strange way, but they were having fun.

 Gusseee who! Yea its me, Ty-kun again. Scary huh? Well, that concludes chapter 3 of Deki's story. Neat huh? Or maybe not. Remember, feel free to speak your mind. E-mail me at Ty-kun. Title it "Your story" so i don't think its spam. Well, don't' worry there will be a chapter 4 (World: NOOOO!!!!!). So tough. Well see ya'll later! PEACE OUT!

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