Deki's Story, Chapter 4
   Deki's Story: Part 4

 Hey everyone. I'm back once again! Well, what ch'all think of Deki so far. Purdy cool huh? Ok, so anyways, I'm a still thinkin', but don't worry, school's coming back (NOOOOO!!!!) and ill be having math again, so ill get to thinkin', don't worry, Fox ran out of the rejects anyways. Ok, well anyways, what ya'll think of Vej too? Ain't she cool? Well, this time will be a month after Vej as been here, and this ones gonna be a bit more comical than some others. So get ready! Now, I'll stop blabbin' again! LIGHTS...CAMERA! INSANITY!!!! HERE WE GOO!

   By: Ty-kun "Trunks"

 *It's now a month after Vej has been found, and she's starting to settle in*

     "So, explain again about this place?" Vej said. She was talking to Chi-Chi, Bulma, Bra, and Pan. "Oh Foleys is sooooo wonderful!" Bra screamed. "They have perfumes, dresses, which you need seriously bad Vejitina, and more!" Pan followed up. "Also they have the latest technologies at Circuit Cities in the mall as well." Bulma said. "Wow.....neat." Vej said, not very enthusiastic.

     "AND THEY HAVE FOOD FROM EVERYWHERE!!" Goten screamed. Goten, Trunks, and Deki were all out back. Goten and Trunks were explaining the mall to Deki. Inside, Vej heard food. "Food?" Vej said. She jumped up and whipped out the door, right next to Goten. "I heard food!" "Yeah, they have food," Goten said, kinda rudely. "What of it...?" Vej grabbed Goten by the collar of his shirt. "Hey, I want food, and talk with more respect when around a Princess!" She dropped him with a thud. "Touchy, ain't she?" Trunks said to Deki. "Yeah, but I cope," he replied.
     Later that day, they're up at the mall. "MOMMY, LOOK AT THIS DRESS!" Bra yelled. "And its on sale for....5% off!!" The girls were having a great time. Bulma looked around. "Where's Vej?" Just then, a huge roar came from the mall. "Oh noo, she's in a fight!" Chi-Chi said. They rushed down there, to see a crowd around the NASCAR Simulators. "HAHA! Beat 'cha again bro!" Vej yelled. Vejita got out of the car, totally pissed off. "You cheated!" He yelled. "Did not!" Vej screamed back. Then Vejita gathered energy in his hand, and just as he was about to fire...

<WHACK!!!! TONG!!!>

    Chi-Chi stood there, frying pan in hand, and Vejita on the floor, totally knocked out. Chi-Chi smirked. "Just 'cause Goku isn't around, doesn't mean I cant whack 'em good." Vej took a step back.


    Chi-Chi tossed the pan in the air and put it back in the bag as Trunks and Goten came by to drag the half conscious Vejita away.
     Trunks and Goten were checking to see if Vejita could still think. "I don't think he ever had a brain to start with." Trunks said. "What was that brat?!" Vejita's eyes popped open. He grabbed his son, and started beating the living daylights outta him. Meanwhile, the girls along with Deki were in Foleys.
     Vejitina walked out of the dressing room in a beautiful dress. "...Wow, Princess." Deki said in awe. "Cool look Vej!" Bra screamed. "YEAH!" Pan said too. ".....Really?" She looked in a mirror. And she spun. "Wow! I'll take it."
     About 5 hours and a few hundred bucks later, Vejita and the boys were out on a bench, eating McDonalds. "Mmmm, yummy.." Goten said, as he shoved 3 more burgers into his mouth. Deki was still looking at his. "I see fat, roadkill, plastic, and rubber...along with a few other bi-products." "Just like at college!" Trunks said with a laugh. Deki took a actual bite (A Saiyajin, taking a normal bite, amazing!) He chewed, then swallowed. "Wow, this is actually good!" He ate faster and faster. In no time flat, he beat out Vejita, Goten and Trunks in burgers. "Anymore!?" Deki said. "Now that's a Saiyajin." Vejita said with a smirk.
     The girls walked out, and all of them with nothing in their hands. "...Something's not right here..." Vejita said nervously. "Mom, where's your stuff?" Trunks said. "You guys didn't by anything for once? Amazing." Vejita said. "No, it's all in the trucks," Bra said, with a smile. Just then, the boys' jaws hit the floor. They saw a mile long row of 18 wheelers pulling away, clothes falling out of them. "Ya'll didn't....." Goten said. "We did." Pan said. Then, the boys did one heck of a anime fall.
     "Well, I'm starved, let's get something to eat." Chi-Chi said. "HOW ABOUT MORE MCDONALDS BURGERS?" Deki yelled. "McDonalds?" Vej asked. Deki handed a burger to Vej. She took a bite, and her face lit up. She and Deki both rushed off to McDonalds, and came back with a mound of burgers.
     After a big day, they all went home. Vej finally had some normal earth clothes that fit her. Vejita went into the Gravity Rom for his daily work out, and Deki went to join him for a spar. Vej followed as well. "Sis, you better leave, you know I will hurt you, like I always do, and then you'd go running to Father." Vejita said. "Yeah," Vej said with a smirk, as she stretched out. "But he ain't around now is he?" And with that, a great flash of gold shot everywhere. Vejitina stood there, Super Saiyajin 2! Vejita was impressed. "Wow, well, way to go sis." He was proud of her secretly, and he loved her.
    In the end, it was a draw, Deki had decided to skip it, and let them go at it. Vejita and Vejitina really did love each other, and they knew it too.

I'm back, yet again. Well, there's chapter 4. Cool no? Ok ok, it wasn't that funny, but oh well, I've gotta make then have at least ONE normal day. Ok, well I'm makin' this one short and sweet. So see ya'll later. And you know there's gonna be a chapter 5. ADIOSE AND TRUNKS4EVER!

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