Deki's Story: Chapter 5
   Deki's Story: A Lost Saiyajin

  Chapter 5

 Hey ya'll. School's back in, bites no? ::kicks Algebra books:: SHI NEEE!...Ohh well. Anyways, I think it's time for ya'll to know Deki's history on Vejita-sei. So here we goooo!!

*We join Goten, Trunks, Deki and Vejitina out on the deck of the Capsule Corpoation Building.*

     "I'm borrrreeeddddd!!" Goten yelled.

     "Shaddup, Baka, I'm workin' here!"

     Trunks and Deki were busy at work on a new invention of theirs. It was probably going to blow up, but oh well. Vejitina was asleep, and Deki was getting shocked by Trunks crossing the wires by accident. After Deki dusted off, he decided to quit the project for now.

     "Have you all ever heard my story of my time on Vejita-sei?"

     "No..." Goten and Trunks said.

     Deki woke Vejitina up. After a smack and a kick, he smartly let her go back to her dreams of beating the living snot outta Vejita. "Well boys, it all started back when I was 3...."

 <Flash Back showing Deki in the royal room with King Vejita. Deki is shown about 5 years old, with a baby Vejitina in his arms, and Vejita crawling around his legs.>

     "...these kids.." Deki looked down at Vejita, who is gnawing on his shoe end. "I hope she doesn't grow up to be like him." Deki cuddled and rocked Vejitina as she slept quietly.

     "Quiet Deki!" the King barked as he looked at a letter.

     "What does it say, Sir?"

     "It says that there are suspicions that Freiza may be a traitor, but its from that fool Bardock." the King replied.

     "I heard he had a son, Sir..Deki said.

     "Yes, yes he did, but hes a low class Saiyajin, he'll be nothing. His name is 'Kakkarott'."

     "Hehe, it should be 'Bakkarott', eh Sire?" Deki said as the King laughed.

     "Yes my son, yes." the King said, turning to his wife, Alexandrea Hourensou. "Deki, will you leave us please, and take the children?" the King said, as he held his wife's hand.

     "Yes sire." Deki said, as he grabbed them both, and shut the door behind him.

 <We go ahead 6 months, during the unknown time of the Dark Years of the Saiyajin Royalty.>

     Deki plays with Vejitina's nose as Vejita tottles over to the light socket in the wall. "Are you gonna grow up and be strong like your big, smart brot--<KZTTTTT!!!>--er....".

     Deki looked over to see Vejita, his hair stuck up permanently after sticking a penny in the light socket.

     "...Deki? Don't be like Vejita, be like me child." Deki said, as Vejitina laughed, and then threw her first ki ball up in the air, letting it hit Vejita.

     "Boy is she smart," Deki thought.

     The door suddenly burst open, and two people wearing white bands around their arms came in.

    "We demand a Saiyajin Queen, not a human!" someone said from a distance. Deki grasped Vejitina and Vejita tightly to him.

     "What do you want?" Deki questioned.

     "We request you come with us, the King's orders..." the man said.

     "Fine, I shall come."

     Deki was lead out to the courtyard where his mother was pleading for her life before the King.

     "What the....FATHER NO!" Deki cried, as a ki blast ripped though Alexandrea Hourensou. Deki dropped the childern and ran to her.

     "Mother, are you alright...MOTHER!!"

     "...Earth...go..there.." she said, as she died.

     Deki was furious. "DAMN....DAMN YOU!!!!" Deki said, as his hair flashed golden. And for the first time, he turned Super-Saiyajin before their eyes. And with that, Deki yelled "Ryuubiimuu" and half the courtyard was gone.
     Deki tore off and went to the woods. "He'll be back, and we shall forgive him." the King said.

     "And that's my story, I shall tell the rest some other time." Deki said, and yawned. He picked Vejitina up. Just then, a light shot through the house and Vejita yelled Bloody Mary as he pulled a penny outta the socket. Deki looked down at his baby sister and said, "Boy I'm glad you're like me."

 Cool no? Ya'll like that there? Well I'm kinda in a hurry here, so I'll see ya'll later! BYE!!

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